To be or not to be.....a Deacon?

I am a RCIA Catholic presently. I was baptized Lutheran can I become a Catholic Deacon?

Yes, I personally know two Deacons who are converts.

Most diocese will require that you spend a few years developing your Faith and understanding of the Church before accepting an application to the Diaconate.

Sweet!!! Thank you Brendan that is what I was hoping. I am not sure if the Lord is leading me to become a Deacon. I am open to the Holy Spirits leading and advise from my priests, teachers, and spiritual mentors. Most of my life I have felt a call to some type of teaching ministry. I leave it in Gods hands because He knows what He is doing. Thanks again Brendan, it was nice chatting you. Maybe we can become friends on here if you want, I would like that. Please let me know.

                                                 Peace be with you, 

Brendan is spot on in what he says, Carrusas. Keep moving where the LORD wills. If the diaconate is it, then let Him make of you the best of deacons. :thumbsup:

Thank you shawnbm, I will do that to the glory of God.

If you finish RCIA yes

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