To be or not to be...

What does it mean when Jesus Christ said, We are in the World but we are not of this world.
I mean, in practical terms.

Good question.
Paul really explores this in his writings, especially Romans Ch 1-7.

On the surface, of course, this means that though we are in this world we do not have to sin as “the world” would lead us to do.

In practical terms, for me, this means that

  • first I look for the divine in all things (this is easy through grace)
  • next, I praise God in all these myriad ways (never enough, though)

By doing so, on some level I have removed myself from the context of this world.
Though, physically I remain in my fallen and wretched state, (yep – a very fallible sinner here)
in my heart, mind (not as much) and soul I exist in a beautiful mutual embrace of love with the divine.

The more hours one can spend in dedicated prayer, the better to achieve this.

…I’m interested to see what others have to say.
What do you think it means … practically, finisterra?

We are in the world means we are physically in it.

We are not “of the world” because we don’t buy into its deception, and we aren’t manipulated by the distorted societal group think. We are not so attached to “things” and “reputation” and all the stuff the world gives, that we choose them over doing God’s will.

So therefore the world does not “own” us nor does it control us – and in particular the way we think and the way we speak. We think and speak the Light of Truth in a world with much darkness.

Besides the ideas already presented, there is another aspect.

The commercial people know that if something is said over and over that whatever they are selling becomes accepted and the sales figures show it. So they have to get a good idea for their product and then repeat it as often as possible. People start believing it. Just think of all the products bought that didn’t work like they said it would. You are overwhelmed into believing in their product so you buy it. I won’t mention cigarettes.

Now compare your faith to the worlds’s beliefs. The world is repeating over and over how good immorality is. That is what they are selling, do what feels good and comes naturally is the only important thing. And so adultery has been sold to the world as not so bad, and now we have lots of married people buying into this idea. In fact they make it sound humorous and funny and thereby ok. Adultery is more appealing and more acceptable. To the point where it no longer seems as bad as it really is. In the Old Testament people were stoned. But today, Los Vegas.

So our society will unfortunately determine how people think, especially moral wise. Pass a law that it’s legal and it becomes not so bad. And after a while it becomes acceptable. And after a little while more, it’s the thing to do.

This is how we migrated from no contraception, to contraception, to abortion to save life, to abortion to save the population, and now politically demanding that it be given, and to the point were we will be forced to pay for it.

So “to be in the world” means we live here and have to listen to all the propaganda. But “not of the world” means, not to get sucked up and becoming a part of that mentality so we think like they do. The political and commercial selling changes our frame of mind as a hammer eventually drives in the nail very slowly…

Just a thought.

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