To brand new Seminarians who are here on CAF


Just want you to know a Mass is being offered for you as you will soon be starting your studies for the Priesthood. It’s just the beginning but you are remembered in a Holy Mass here in my Parish in south Louisiana as well as in my Daily prayers and devotions. PLEASE if you are a Seminarian could you post here once in a while and let us know how you are doing. We KNOW your schedule will be jam packed with many wonderful worthwhile time consuming studies and events and free time/down time will be limited but PLEASE let us here know how you are doing. Every blessing and grace to all of you. :slight_smile: :pray:

May Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Blessed Mother Mary, ALL Holy Saints and Angels surround and protect your bodies, minds and souls from satan and all his evil ways today and always. Amen!


@YoungApologist3 so he’ll see this.

We know about him and I know about one other young man here entering the Seminary soon. If you will be entering seminary soon could you put your name here.


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