To convert a "pagan"


My daughter claims to be pagan, however I have convinced her to accompany me to Mass a few times and she is reverent when my husband and I say grace. I would like others to please pray for her to come to the Catholic Family. She is in college in St. Augustine and there is a large Catholic family there, she just needs to meet someone her age that can be an influence for her to follow. All prayers will be greatly appreciated.
God Bless and thank you
Rose :gopray:


She has my prayers/


Praying for her.



Iam praying for you that she will discover God and receive His Mercy. Amen.



Praying very hard for her conversion!


Rose I say amen to all your urgent prayers for your daughter.
We ask Jesus to lead her back from this phase, to return fully to the Sacraments.

Jesus please flood Your graces on Rose and her family. Thank You


To all who have been praying for my daughter, thank you and God Bless. I see signs of curiosity and look at that as a great thing. When I had mentioned St. Monica in conversation with my husband she looked at me and with a grin said “Please don’t pray me into church” …too late…again. Thanks for all your prayers.


Prayers promised


Loving God,

We offer you this day and all of the wonders you have created for us today. We thank you for your unconditional love and the gift of your Son. We ask for your blessing and tender care for Rosemarkey’s daughter that she may hear the call of your Holy Spirit and respond.

We pray in the name of Jesus your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever.



In my prayers.

God Bless! +


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