To Eastern Catholic forum posters: Thank you!

Hi everyone,

As a quick introduction, I’m a Latin-rite Catholic who’s been lurking on these forums, especially the Eastern Catholic forum, for awhile. I’ve found so many of the threads here incredibly informative, and couldn’t thank you enough for the insights you’ve provided. :slight_smile: Though I’m a cradle Catholic, and went to Catholic school for high school, it wasn’t until relatively recently that I’d even heard of Eastern Catholicism, I’m embarrassed to say :o. Thanks for getting me ‘up to speed’ :D.

I had especially wanted to thank you all today because I went to my first Divine Liturgy this morning. It was an absolutely beautiful experience :thumbsup:. I never would have had the courage to go out of my comfort zone and go and experience the Divine Liturgy were it not for all of your helpful posts to those who were going to their first Divine Liturgies.

Thanks again (and keep up the good work, I can tell you we ‘lurkers’ appreciate it :D:thumbsup:) !


Congratulations! I remember my first experience at Divine Liturgy very distinctly. Although it is always heavenly, there is something about the first encounter that is special, no? :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’ve been trying to figure out how much my liking of the Divine Liturgy had to do with its ‘newness’ for me. I’m glad to hear that the heavenly-quality of it remains :slight_smile: (though, I could do without the fish-out-of-water feeling :o).


If you attend frequently (or, like me, pick up on liturgical rubrics quick), you’ll fall into the rhythm quickly enough. Although, there will always be “fish-out-of-water” moments. Always the same, always something new. :smiley:

Oh, I’m just jealous. There are no eastern rite churches within miles and miles of where I live :frowning:

OP, you’re a very lucky man.

@ ThatOneGuy92: I see what you mean, though I wouldn’t say I’m a quick study when it comes to liturgical rubrics (I’m still that person fumbling with the cheat-sheet in the pews when it comes to the newish translation of the Nicene Creed). While I felt very unpleasantly awkward during Orthros, by the start of Divine Liturgy it was more of a pleasant awkwardness if that makes any sense; still had only a loose idea about what I was doing but that’s ok :D.

@ Credo ergo sum: I’m sorry there isn’t an Eastern rite church closer to you :(. I definitely am grateful that the church isn’t that far from me. I will have to take advantage of the opportunity to attend frequently. Oh, not that it particularly matters but, I’m a lucky woman :wink:

Ah well, hope you aren’t offended by calling you a man. It’s just that there’s an old adage that states that there are no girls on the internet :stuck_out_tongue:

Really sorry…:frowning:

Hi Credo ergo sum,

No worries, there’s absolutely no offense taken here :p. I tend to subscribe to that adage too :D.


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