To fight today’s ‘culture of contempt,’ author says we must ‘love our enemies’ --An article


“While most of us hate what it is doing to our country and worry about how contempt coarsens our culture over the long term, many of us still compulsively consume the ideological equivalent of meth from elected officials, academics, entertainers, and some of the news media”

“Political scientists find that our nation is more polarized than it has been at any time since the Civil War."

“Most importantly, he would remind me that I should be extending love not just to my friends, but to those with whom I had the greatest differences, political or otherwise.”

“But our responses to those who disagree with us should be informed by the exhortation of Christ in Matthew 5:44 to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us.”


Amen to that. Well stated. Thanks for posting.

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