To Fly from the Cross: A History of Dark Disorder in the Catholic Church

To Fly from the Cross

A History of Dark Disorder in the Catholic Church

Jean Ousset, RIP
A Remnant Reprint

(Posted 10/08/09 Remnant Editor’s Note: Back in February of 1973, the late, great French thinker, Jean Ousset—author of Action, the definitive guide to Catholic action—wrote a letter to a Catholic who having witnessed the auto-demolition of the Church in France, had lost his Faith. Originally written in French, Ousset’s letter was translated into English by Michael Davies who noted at the time that Ousset “depicts the current dark disorder as a call to action rather than a cause for despair.”

This little known letter by Jean Ousset is as relevant today as when it was first published, perhaps more so, given that faithful Catholics in 2009 are subjected to a daily barrage of scandals and blasphemies never conceived of in 1973. Far from justifying despair in us, however, the darkness we see all around us is a subject for meditation, really—for action!—for as bad as things have become in Europe, the Americas and all across the world, we can see through Hell’s very refusal to give up the fight against the Cross that the triumph of Christ the King is inevitable. If through Catholic action we can keep despair at bay no matter how futile our efforts may seem, given the diabolical might of the opposition, we will see the triumph of the Immaculate Heart

By publishing Ousset’s letter we encourage our readers to accept the standard of hope which he handed down and which Catholics of his generation managed to hold aloft even in that dark night in the Church that was the early 1970’s. As Michael Davies put it, “action is the antidote to despair.” We must resolve to act, then, to fight and to keep hope alive during this time of dark disorder. Such is our sacred duty as inheritors of the noble Catholic legacy. Besides, as Ousset points out, there’s nothing new under the sun—including darkness and disorder in the Catholic Church. MJM

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