To follow Jesus Meaning


To follow in the steps of Jesus Christ does not mean that we worship Jesus as an idol, but that we follow him as our divine example, a consciousness embodying the deepest meaning of life. To follow Christ we need to make real our own inner meaning of life as Christ did as an example for humanity to love. To do this we need to make an effort with sincerity and devotion equal to Christ’s, to live our own life in a perfect way. It is easy in the face of conflict to give up one’s real meaning and to take an easier path of imitation with no responsibility for the self. Just take marching orders and do as others say. Had Jesus done this he would have been a good carpenter and not the rebel who loved and brought changes in the social conditions of his time? He overcame the barriers between men and religion, and he resisted the divisions and separateness of the time to exemplify a higher interpretation of experience. He came to pull humans back into the true meaning of oneness.


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