"...to give to God His Father greater glory and to men a proof of greater love."

  1. From all this we must conclude with St. Thomas and the Fathers of the Church that our good Jesus suffered more than all the martyrs both those of past ages and those of the future up to the end of the world. Now if the smallest pain of the Son of God is more precious and more likely to stir our hearts than all the sufferings of angels and men together had they died and given up everything for us, how deep then should be our grief, our love and our gratitude for our Lord who endured for our sakes freely and with the utmost love all that a man could possibly suffer. “For the joy set before Him, He endured the cross.” (Heb 12.2) According to the Fathers of the Church, these words mean that Jesus Christ, Eternal Wisdom, could have remained in His heavenly glory, infinitely distant from our misfortunes. But He chose on our account to come down upon earth, take the nature of man and be crucified. Even when He had become man He could have imparted to His body the same joy, the same immortality, the same blessedness which He now enjoys. But He did not choose this because He wanted to be free to suffer.

  2. Rupert adds to this that at the Incarnation, the eternal Father proposed to His Son the saving of the world either by joyful means or by suffering, by acquiring honors or by suffering contempt, by richness or by poverty, by living or by dying. Hence while remaining Himself glorious and triumphant, He could have redeemed men and taken them with Him along a way paved with joys, delights, honors and riches had He wished to do so. But He chose rather to endure the cross and sufferings in order to give to God His Father greater glory and to men a proof of greater love.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Let us thank God for giving to St. Louis de Montfort, these beautiful words for us to ponder. St. Louis could only have learned from the Holy Spirit, the Wisdom with which he wrote his book on “The Love of Eternal Wisdom”. God willing, tomorrow we will conclude chapter 13 and begin chapter 14 on “The Triumph of Eternal Wisdom In and By the Cross”.

Please let us pray for one another, for the Church and for the world so much in need, to listen to all Jesus said and did, pondering all in our hearts, as Mary our Mother and Model did, that we may learn from Him as she did to be Meek and Humble of Heart. Jesus we trust in You! Mary, Mother of the Church pray for us.

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Dear OScarlett,

Thanks for your “heart” – again letting us know you read and appreciated what God has given us in His Love, through the suffering, which St. Louis de Montfort describes in “The Love of Eternal Wisdom”.

How unfathomable is God’s Love for us, that Jesus died for us when we were yet sinners! He continues to offer us so much grace if we would open the ears of our hearts to listen prayerfully and carefully to all Jesus said and did – as our Motherer Mary did – pondering all in her heart, we would truly learn how to love God more and to love one another as He has loved us.

Please let us pray for one another, for the Church and for the world, so very much in need of God.

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