To have a crush a sin?


It is sinful to have a crush that is because you find their personality great and attractive and for no purpose of sexual lust?


It is not. If men and women weren’t attracted to each other; the human race would cease to exist. All good love has its origin in God and that includes the love a man and women share for eachother. :slight_smile:



In general, a “crush” is something involuntary. What matters is how you choose to act.


Exactly. Which means that if you have a crush on someone for whom that kind of relationship is impossible (for example, someone consecrated to God, or an already-married person), then you should not nurture romantic feelings towards them even secretly.

You can’t help it if you are naturally attracted to someone, but you have a choice whether to bask in those feelings and make them grow, whether to entertain fantasies and so on. To do so involves the will, and therefore *would *be a sin.


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Certainly not! I don’t understand how you could even think that would be sinful.

and for no purpose of sexual lust?

And it’s not a sin to be sexually attracted to someone either. If we were to avoid this, then the species would cease to exist. Even acting on such a sexual attraction is not inherently sinful, but will depend on the actions and circumstances involved.


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