To help save a soul


let’s say there is someone you really want to help convert to Christianity or to help them grow in faith and come to the Sacraments.

What can you do to help them??? maybe we could list all the ways?

thanks :slight_smile:

What do you mean “help”? Is this person taking interest in the faith?

I know the priests and other people who are good catechists in both the RC Archdiocese and Ukrainian Eparchy in my area. If one were to desire to learn the faith more, I’d point them to those people. I can also do my part but it helps if its supported by a member of the clergy or a lay person part of an official ministry.

I purchased several green scapulars, asked a priest to bless them, and then gave them to people I care about. In other words, trust in Our Blessed Mother’s powerful intercession. :slight_smile:

thanks for the replies… :slight_smile:

Constantine, I don’t necessarily mean talking to them… but rather are there any certain prayers, etc, that could be helpful?

for example, I heard the following ideas:

  • green scapular
  • offering up “little sacrifices”, any suffering for them (united to the Cross)
  • Rosary
  • Novena of Communions

anything else? :slight_smile:

In addition to offering up certain private sacrifices, and, of course, praying the Rosary daily, I have Masses said for the two atheist people whom I care about the most. I just pray and hope that a family member of the two will be allowed to know of his brother and father’s conversions before they die. It would be of great comfort to him, as well as me. But, we may not know the results until we meet in Heaven.

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