To ignore or speak up

It’s a really big question.

A few quick facts:

*My two oldest girls are in RCIC to play catch up with CCD. *
The last two months they are learning about different types of sin and reconciliation.
We live with my oldest daughter’s God-parents (my sil and her husband) who are both cradle Catholics.

*My oldest is asking recently why they don’t go to mass at all. She has the knowledge that willingly choosing not to attend Sunday and Holy days masses is a mortal sin. Which is exactly what they have chosen. *
*Now, what do I do to answer her questions? *
*Do I just leave it alone or speak up to my sil? Or should I tell my daughter to find out from her tia herself? My last desire is to cause an uproar of how they live their lives. But as her God-parents I would have thought they would want to set a better example than they do since she sees every bit of how they live their lives. *
Any advice?

Sometimes, a question from a sweet child can be a real eye opener.

I’d tell my child “God lets us choose what we do. We do not judge others, if you would like to ask your auntie about her choices, that is up to you.”

When my kids asked me why their aunt and uncle, both baptized and confirmed Catholics, married in the Church, don’t go to Mass, I told them to ask the aunt and uncle themselves. I don’t know why they don’t, so anything I say would be an assumption. Let them explain themselves, or refuse if they wish, but it’s their responsibility.

I agree with the other posters. Although, I think that you said that you live with them. If you believe it will cause some tension while you are living there it may be best for you to just use the explanation that kage_ar gave.

I, too, would let the child ask. These can be reminders to these people that they are living in ways that make innocent children worry.

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