To Jaypeeto from Anonymous Former JW



I was asked to post the following to you from a former JW who is investigating the Catholic Church:

I wonder if you wouldn’t mind expressing my thanks to Jaypeeto. One of his responses to Bible-whoever answered a question on the Trinity that has bothered me for a long time.It’s the one that had to do with Jesus’ “my God” statements. I’m a former JW on the way towards the Church but still working through doctrinal issues. Used to post on CAF but no longer. Funny thing, I had a meeting with a priest a few days after J’s post, and ran some of the ideas past him, and he thought they were sound. Still working on that issue, but at least I’ve heard an answer. Thanks.

Jeff S.


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this is what I was trying to explain about if a JW (and sometimes a Former JW) is looking for sincere answers they will not flaunt themselves like certain ones have. Good for Jaypeeto and this Anonymous person!
God Bless Us All!



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