To keep babies alive, class targets middle-schoolers

Seems to be a good program. Not focusing on sex education but prevention of infants death. Though i thought co-sleeping was okay? Article mentions that people shouldn’t sleep with their babies.
To keep babies alive, class targets middle-schoolers

Shantaya, 14, is helping her cousin and stepsister with their babies. Victor, 15, is using his newfound knowledge to help raise his 3-month-old son, Giovonni.

The program, taught to sixth- and eighth-graders in three schools, is not a sex-education class or one that teaches about reproductive health or pregnancy. Instead, it focuses on areas that research has linked to prematurity or infant mortality, such as smoking, obesity and sleeping in unsafe positions and places.

Victor has taken on greater responsibility as a father and plans to get a summer job to help support Giovonni. Shantaya has learned ways to help raise others’ babies – and realizes she’s not ready for that responsibility herself.

“It made me think a lot about some of the choices my friends are making, and a lot of teen mothers I knew,” she said. **“It taught me really to look back and tell myself I’m glad … I’m not a mother.” Thank heaven because childern should not be having childern! **

I can’t get over the fact that an 8th grader is a father!!! I don’t even think I knew exactly what sex was as an 8th grader! :confused:

I know that part through me for a loop too. He’s a father before he got to be a young man. Very Sad…

cosleeping is safe if you do it the right way.

my guess is that it’s just easier for the experts to tell kids not to do it at all than to take the time to show them how to do it responsibly and safely.

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