"To live means to answer the Call"


**Exarchic Greek Abbey of St. Mary of Grottaferrata (Rome) ~ Italy
July 1-30, 2011

[LEFT]The Monastic Experience & Vocation Discernment Program 2011, entitled “To live means to answer the Call”, it’s open to all Catholic young men (ages 18-30) interested to know the Catholic Monasticism of Byzantine Rite & Spirituality. It’s an opportunity to meet our Order, the Oriental spirituality, to think about the God’s Call and to breathe in the Church with both lungs (western & oriental). This monastic vocation experience includes moments of Liturgical Prayer in the Byzantine Rite, Meditations on Spirituality of Byzantium, and moments of reflection, fraternity and sharing. Readings and community discussions are based on texts from Holy Scripture, and the Holy Greek Fathers. It’s a period of Graces in which each of the participants can discern whether our Lord Jesus Christ is calling him to follow Him with charitable soul and pure heart.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]We, the Basilian Monks, constitute one Catholic Order of Byzantine-Greek rite, established in 1004, fifty years before the separation between the Catholic and the Orthodox Churches: when Christianity was still united. We fully live the Byzantine tradition with all its characteristics - uninterrupted in the time - that unite us to the Orthodox brethrens. For this reason our monastic life witnesses and recalls the Unity of the undivided Church and demonstrates that there are no contradictions between being authentically Oriental and being Catholic. In fact this dimension goes back again to the beginnings of Christianity.[/LEFT]

God Calls You
The Church Needs You
Come Join Us!

Basilian Monks
Exarchic Greek Abbey of St. Mary
Corso del Popolo, 128
00046 Grottaferrata (Rome)

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Website: www.abbaziagreca.it/en

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