To Maintain Supply of Sex Slaves, ISIS Pushes Birth Control


NY Times:

To Maintain Supply of Sex Slaves, ISIS Pushes Birth Control

DOHUK, Iraq — Locked inside a room where the only furniture was a bed, the 16-year-old learned to fear the sunset, because nightfall started the countdown to her next rape.During the year she was held by the Islamic State, she spent her days dreading the smell of the ISIS fighter’s breath, the disgusting sounds he made and the pain he inflicted on her body. More than anything, she was tormented by the thought she might become pregnant with her rapist’s child.
It was the one thing she needn’t have worried about.
Soon after buying her, the fighter brought the teenage girl a round box containing four strips of pills, one of them colored red.
“Every day, I had to swallow one in front of him. He gave me one box per month. When I ran out, he replaced it. When I was sold from one man to another, the box of pills came with me,” explained the girl, who learned only months later that she was being given birth control.

  It  is a particularly modern solution to a medieval injunction: According  to an obscure ruling in Islamic law cited by the Islamic State, a man  must ensure that the woman he enslaves is free of child before having  intercourse with her.

Islamic State leaders have made sexual slavery as they believe it was practiced during the Prophet Muhammad’s time integral to the group’s operations, preying on the women and girls the group captured from the Yazidi religious minority almost two years ago. To keep the sex trade running, the fighters have aggressively pushed birth control on their victims so they can continue the abuse unabated while the women are passed among them.

More than three dozen Yazidi women who recently escaped the Islamic State and who agreed to be interviewed for this article described the numerous methods the fighters used to avoid pregnancy, including oral and injectable contraception, and sometimes both. In at least one case, a woman was forced to have an abortion in order to make her available for sex, and others were pressured to do so.
Some described how they knew they were about to be sold when they were driven to a hospital to give a urine sample to be tested for the hCG hormone, whose presence indicates pregnancy. They awaited their results with apprehension: A positive test would mean they were carrying their abuser’s child; a negative result would allow Islamic State fighters to continue raping them.


this is so disgusting that this is taking place. may God watch over these girls and women.


I hate stories like this, they need to arm that girl and let her go finish things!

As sad as this is, it happens in our country too, I watched a 20/20 or dateline show about how ‘pimps’ would drive thru neighborhoods and kidnap young grls around 12-16 yo, and then use semi truck drivers to move them around the country, making them ‘work’ whenever they got to a truck stop, business takes place in the truck and the girl doesnt see a dime of the money, she is basically held prisoner in the trucks cab, until they sell her off to another scumbag…sickening world we live in!


the difference is that pimps in America are criminals working outside of the law. In the IS in Iraq, this IS the Law, sharia even.


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