To mask or not to mask

Regarding the controversy over mandatory masking, it seems The Onion, America’s Finest News Source , foresaw something along this line back in 2002.

Life Jackets Issued To All Americans For Some Reason|

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I’m high risk, so I am going to wear the mask, anyway. And if I had a place of business, masks would be required. I fail to understand why people make such a big deal about it. THAT being said, I would disagree with a federal mask mandate here in the states, because that is not up to the federal government. Tenth Amendment

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Great article! I’m gonna sleep in my canoe from now on.

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I’m going to continue to obey the law of the land.

I do have concerns that people don’t use masks correctly (only touch the ear loops), or never wash the cloth ones.


I am simply going to follow the advice of the experts on infectious diseases I am not an expert.


If you’d ever sat in ICU with a loved one who’d been intubated, you’d wear the darn mask, legal requirement or not.


Personally, I’m pushing for legislation that holds businesses harmless for any damages if their trained macaws bite of the nose of anyone wearing a mask below the nose.

We’re still working on training the tigers, though. Getting them to eat adults without masks in the aisles isn’t that hard. The tricky part that we’re still working on is figuring out who is the parent to be mauled when unmasked children run around out of control . . .


They say the masks don’t prevent the wearer from catching the virus, but rather keep you from spreading it. I have no symptoms and feel fine so I don’t wear one. If I had any symptoms, I’d wear one.

So you don’t care that the virus can be spread by people who aren’t showing symptoms? :confused:


Well, yes, masks are uncomfortable. So is the alternative.

With all of the exaggerated numbers and false positive testing, I simply don’t believe the threat of people without symptoms spreading it is very serious.

But you do believe “them” when they say that masks stop people from spreading the virus but not the person wearing them? You’re picking and choosing when you defer to expert opinion pretty randomly.

I don’t know where you people live where this is even a question. Around here, every business has a sign that essentially says “if you’re not wearing a mask, get lost.” And they enforce it, too.

Do I get a trophy for being the only one to respond to the OP?


So you’re willing to risk other peoples’ lives. That’s sad.

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Friends, you should read the OP and lighten up.

CAF has a hundred threads on face masks, and just this one on personal flotation devices.


That’s for typical diseases.

With this one, though, the mask over the nose reduces the load you get if you get infected.

And contrary to everything I had known before this one, unlike most, the size of the initial load is strongly determinative of how bad a case you get.

For “typical” infections, it’s an either/or situation. The initial infection, whether one cell or a thousand, begins with exponential growth, and either the immune system shuts it down in time or it doesn’t.

For this, it seems that the immune system gets it in check without choking it off entirely.

So while the mask doesn’t stop you from catching it, it can significantly reduce the severity.

Except that this thing is contagious for days before symptoms set in.


I participated so I should get a trophy too


From the article:

Citizens have reacted to the federal mandate with equal parts curiosity and consternation.
“On the subway today, the announcer guy said that our seat cushions can be used as flotation devices,” said Danielle Uris of New York City. “When did they start saying that?”

What are they doing in your community?

In my town, they have elevated the status from Yellow to Blue.


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