TO--> MM & mamacita--how did your NFP presentation go?


Please share with us how your NFP presentation went during one of the RCIA classes–looking forward to hearing!!:yup:


HI Whatevergirl!!

It went well!! Thanks for asking! :thumbsup: Honestly, MM did the talkin’ while I took care of fussy boy the whole time. MM did great! He did say ‘um’ a lot but hopefully no one but me noticed;)

By the way, MM would be great at doing this on the high school level, especially since he used to work w/ teens on the LifeTeen group at his old Parish. Maybe you are right, he could go around and give talks to parish youth groups on this topic but more on the younger level?? Hmmm, WG, YOU might be on to something! :shrug:


Sorry WG, did not see this thread until you posted in the other one. Here is my update for those that are interested:


:thumbsup: KUDOS!!!


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