To Our Lady of Trust, for Trust in Christ

A general petition to Our Lady of Trust for the increase of trust in Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Father, and for the acquirement of Trust in Our Lord through trust in Our Lady.

I came across her at the New Year’s Eve worship service and Midnight Mass, which the Pro-Sanctity movement was hosting in one of our parishes. I was feeling particularly shaken up that night - long story short, I really felt anything but trustworthy. It seems like Providence, then, that on that night I was dropped into the arms of Our Lady of Trust. :slight_smile:

I hope she and I can become good friends, and by my prayer, hers, and yours, she might gain for us confidence in Our Lord, and anything else we need by confidence in Christ.


        Drawn by the need of your help in the many trials that engulf us in this life, we come to your feet, O Virgin of Trust, to pour out to the heart of a mother our wishes and failings.

        Although it is our duty to strive for perfection, it is also true that our mortal body makes the path difficult, and the enemies of our soul cease not from their attacks, while everywhere we are enticed to leave the difficult and straight way known by only a few travelers.

        And all the while, our suffering along the way, our own interior weakness and temptations press heavily to torment us and produce in our souls a feeling of faintness and sadness, which means only one thing: distrust, in ourselves, in our ideal, in the means to attain it.

        But your motherly look which follows us, and your Immaculate Heart, which your Son points out to us, open our souls to a new feeling – the assurance of your help. And we want it, O Mary.  We ask it of you, we beg for it, O loving Mother. 

        When sin entices us, stay with us and be our strength.  When mediocrity absorbs us, do not leave us.  When the ascent to the perfection of the Father leaves us weary, whisper a word of help, O Mary – trust!

        If we will listen to this word of yours, the way will be easier, the goal closer, and our confidence more certain that we shall reach sanctity.

        So repeat this word often – trust.  Repeat it to us and to everybody, O Mary, because all people must become saints.  Amen.

Bishop Guglielmo Giaquinta

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