To our LDS friends here on CAF

Enjoy GC.
I know we can go round and round here, on the Non-Catholic forum.
That aside, it’s always a good thing to be spiritually nourished.
I have been reading St Teresa of Avila’s “Interior Castle” and it struck me that we are just in different mansions, but have the same goal.

God’s blessings this GC weekend.

It sounds as if many things are unfolding. Many blessings.

I read a few summeries of the talks (been decades since I have paid even the slightest attention to the Mormon general conferences)

With my reading of Teresa of Avila’s Interior Castle, I do realize that my having been LDS was the more exterior mansion. And I am very grateful.

But it didn’t have the ability to help guide me into the more interior mansions. With the reading of them, it struck me clearly as to why I was experiencing such spiritual hunger pains.

A common adage in Mormonism is “milk before meat”. But I never got any spiritual “meat” as a Mormon. Just “milk”

It couldnt draw me in to the base of the Cross. I was left spiritually malnourished.

In time, Our Lord drew me back, and in, to His presence. Showed me what I had been missing. Fed me with such a spiritual banquet that sometimes I get so “stuffed” that I am overwhelmed.

Im grateful for my LDS past for what it did for me. Gave me a love of scripture, a love of prayer, protection against becoming an alcoholic.

And I am even more grateful, and even humbled, by the Lord telling me that there was more, so much more to feast on. That there was a remedy for the spiritual hunger pains I was experiencing, and that I never need experience them again.

So humbled to be part of the Mystical Body of Christ. :gopray:

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