To petition certain politicians, including Obama, about the limits of what a marriage is

If only we sent a similar one to those out there. who “divorce (i.e. civil separation)” after a God blessed marriage and then “remarry”. That’s the Achilles heal making gay marriage a possibility in this country and in Europe, though I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the latter has gone overboard in that areas. Ironically, the Puritans saved us from the “lovers )i.e. lusters)”, not fighters (except against the Church or their own conservative congregations), fate of Europe at the time until now, but their Protestant misconception of marriages being mere contracts and divorces being a possibility set America up for this. Kinda ironic, dontcha think?

Okay, let’s go with this. Now, let’s examine why there were lots of catholic orphanages and today, not so much. Why is that?

What does how people act have to do with what’s in the Bible (which was compiled by The Church before some Augustinian monk with a guilty conscience tried to remove books from it to feel better about himself), not found to be interpreted otherwise by The Church, as direct dogma from God?

I don’t know what orphanages have to do with anything, but many nuns left after Vatican 2.

Marriage= being open to children
parents divorce, or become unable to care for them

Rape= have the child, give it up if you must

No abortion= give it up if you must

Gay couple wants this child= no way, who cares what happens to the child, just let it be born

Now, you demand all these children to be in this world, but you don’t seem to want to take care of them anymore. Why is that?

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