To Protestants, Catholics, and Orthodoxs: Do you pray to Jesus or through Jesus?


To Protestants and Catholics:

Do you pray to Jesus, or through Jesus?


Hello Manny :slight_smile: ,

It’s funny you should ask this because I was thinking about this not too long ago. I had been thinking about HOW I pray. I guess I would classify it as praying in Jesus’ name. I don’t know if it’s TO Him or THROUGH Him but it IS in His name. When I do choose to end a prayer, which isn’t often as I see my life a constant prayer and to close it when praying by myself makes no sense to me, I say ‘In Jesus’ name, Amen’.

Jesus taught us that we should pray ‘Our Father’ so that is who I pray to. Tho Jesus is God I always address the prayer to the name of God only. :shrug:


I do both and I end my prayers in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit when I pray alone or with Catholics. If I’m praying with my Protestant Brothers and Sisters, I end my prayers in the Name of Jesus to make them feel comfortable, but I still cross myself on most occasions.:signofcross:


ditto :slight_smile:


I ask because I had a discussion with a Baptist and a Non-Denom who said they pray through Jesus. They didn’t seem to grasp the concept of the Trinity. In this case, the Second Person of the Trinity.

They don’t pray to Jesus. They just pray through Jesus.

I know their views does not reflect other Baptists or non-Denominational Christian…:shrug:

I don’t know what the difference is.


Many times, I’ll end my prayers with “…and I ask this through Christ our Lord, Your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever.” Like someone mentioned before, to remind us of the Holy Trinity, whom we worship.


oh i do my prayer in a simple way. i will begin with dear heavenly father in the name of jesus christ…and the ending, in the name of jesus christ, amen…then follow by thank q, God, thank Q jesus, thank Q holy spirit…hehe…


He is Our Lord & Saviour & God Incarnate - He is also Our All-Sufficient Mediator with His Father :slight_smile:

So: both.

And, as Singin says in post 2, in His Name; which is above every name. I also end prayers with the invocation of the Trinity. Since you ask :slight_smile:


It may come as a surprise - it surprised me ! - that at first, prayer to Our Lord took time to become established in the Church; largely because of the absence of it from the NT. It was not usual as late as 250 or so, in the time of Origen; his book “On Prayer” explains why the Father, & not the Son, was prayed to. I think the Arian business, & the development of the Liturgy, helped to establish it in the Church. :slight_smile:


I know their views does not reflect other Baptists or non-Denominational Christian…

Not in the least … :slight_smile:

I think the formula goes something like this:

We pray through the Son, who puts our case in the hands of the Spirit, our Advocate, who pleads our case to the Father … Yet it’s still not just a stepladder process when one considers the Trinity. Technically, by praying to Yahweh (the Father), even through the mediation of his Son (who, of course, is the very Spirit of Christ), we are praying TO Yeshua, as well as THROUGH him … So the formula might be arranged as Father, Spirit, Christ, and so on … It’s entirely circular and beyond our complete comprehension. But if you feel like a conversation’s dying and you want to save it, bring this up and you’ll be speaking for quite a while …

I appreciate that there is a mystery to my God—and that it can be found even in an act as simple as communicating with him. I think that the Son-Spirit-Father Formula is the best, most simplistic rendering of this mystery, but one might say on an equally true and amusing note that:

We pray through God, who takes our case to God, who pleads our case before God … OR, we pray through Yeshua, by Yeshua, to Yeshua … OR … (Sorry, I’m having fun with this…) It’s a one-man (better yet, one-God), three Person operation.


Of course in the Mass I pray, along with everyone else, to the Father through, with and in Jesus and in union with the Holy Spirit. (I am trying to remember the exact formula before the great Amen, and am coming up short!:stuck_out_tongue: )

In private prayer I often pray to Jesus directly, and sometimes to God through Mary when I ask for her to join me in prayer.

And I really like have rote prayers, such as the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be, to say to either begin or end specific prayer times. It helps to calm me and put me in His presence. And it makes it easier for me to set aside some time just for prayer without just adding it on to other things that I’m doing at the time. Although I do agree that all things can be offered up to God as a prayer throughout the whole day and night.


Well, I make the sign of the cross before and after my prayers, and say “In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen” :signofcross: , so I guess I would me praying in His name.

However, inbetween the sign of the cross, I do often have “Dear Jesus” prayers…

So both. And I also ask Mary to pray for and with me/ us

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