To receive or not to receive

In our cathechism 1389 it says that we must receive Communion once a year,but we are “encouraged” to receive more often.
I have always thought we are to receive every Sunday,and if we miss receiving for no good reason,we must go to reconciliation before receiving again.
can anyone clarify please?

No, the Catechism has it “right”. As a matter of fact, no one should go to Holy Communion on Sunday, or any other day, if they have any mortal sin on their soul.

Frequent reception of Holy Communion is recommended, but NOT required, except at least once a year. This Church Law was instituted back when people were afraid to go to Communion, because they felt they were not worthy to receive the Body and Blood of Christ. We know we are not worthy…we say so at each Mass…but Holy Communion is food for our souls, and we need that nourishment, just like food for the body.

From what I know, which admittedly, isn’t much, you needn’t confess not receiving. That being said, I too always thought we were to receive if we were fully able to. I should like to know what someone else with more knowledge has to say too. Interesting.

To Clarify my question. Do we or do we not HAVE to receive every Sunday??

There is absolutely no requirement to receive communion every Sunday.


The obligation is to receive one a year during the Easter period.
The strong recommendation (not an obligation) is to receive often.

Absolutely not. It’s sort of surprising that we’ve come so far in this direction, since it used to be that people felt they needed, at the very least, to do extensive preparation for any Communion they received. One hears of frequent Communion being discouraged, even for saints. That extreme needed some correction, but now we are to the point where people are pressured to go up to Communion. Mortal sin can be quite private and personal, and not everyone has the chance to go to Saturday confession, so it really encourages sacrilege to have all regular Catholics going to Communion as a matter of course (while confessionals stand practically empty).

God Bless,

No (as those above have said), once a year in the Easter season is all that is required.

However, we do have to attend mass every Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation (CCC 2180). It is a grave sin to deliberately not attend mass on Sundays (CCC 2181). But attending mass and receiving communion are not the same thing!

We do not HAVE to receive Holy Communion every Sunday. We HAVE to attend Mass every Sunday, but do not HAVE to receive Communion.

However, if you are not conscious of mortal sin and you’re attending Mass every Sunday, why on earth wouldn’t you receive??? What would be the reason?

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