To Save a Life movie

Has anyone seen the recent Protestant film To Save a Life? It’s showing at a school nearby and it looks like it would be good, it’s about exclusion in high school, bullying and so on, It’s getting good reviews from Christians, not so good from people who dislike the Christian worldview.
If you saw it, what did you think of it? Would you recommend it for teenagers?

Getting a not-so-good review from “secular” people doesn’t mean they dislike the “Christian worldview.” The Blind Side had a blatantly pro-Christian ‘bias’ (for lack of a better word) and it scored Sandra Bullock a Best Actress Oscar win.

So, too, did Mel Gibson’s movie get the now-defunct Thumbs Up from both Ebert and Roper. (The show ended its syndicated run last week.)

I can’t begin to count how many “Protestant” movies on DVD I found at a “Christian” bookstore like Family or Bereans that were absolutely dreadful - unwatchably bad. MST3K bad. Seriously.

The one halfway-decent “Protestant” movie that wasn’t unwatchably bad was “Letters To God,” but that’s probably because of the soundtrack and tearjerker story line.

Everything you say is true, which is why I’m asking. My daughters school is showing it, they seem to think it’s effective for combating bad attitudes in junior high schoolers.
Quite a few secular reviewers are negative about it, but their complaints don’t seem to have anything to do with production values, acting, etc, but rather with a rather cynical dismissal of the Christian message.
So I’m hoping that maybe a real parent has seen it.

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