To Shape Young Palestinians, Hamas Creates Its Own Textbooks


[LEFT]GAZA CITY — When a class of Palestinian ninth graders in Gaza recently discussed the deadly 1929 riots over access to the Western Wall in Jerusalem, it was guided by a new textbook, introduced this fall by the Islamist Hamas movement.
[LEFT][LEFT]Asked the lesson of the uprising, one of the 40 boys in class promptly answered, “Al Buraq Wall is an Islamic property,” using the Muslim name for the site, one of the holiest in Judaism. Pleased, the teacher then inquired whether the students would boycott Israeli products, as Arabs had boycotted Jewish businesses in 1929. A resounding chorus of “Yes!” came back from the class.
["]¶](“[FtfFtf)For the first time since taking control of the Gaza Strip in 2007, the Hamas movement is deviating from the approved Palestinian Authority curriculum, using the new texts as part of a broader push to infuse the next generation with its militant ideology.
[”]¶]("[AopAop)Among other points, the books, used by 55,000 children in the eighth, ninth and 10th grades as part of a required “national education” course of study in government schools, do not recognize modern Israel, or even mention the Oslo Peace Accords the country signed with the Palestine Liberation Organization in the 1990s.][/LEFT]


This same stuff happens here. When I was in school, I tried using Seton homeschooling, but my parents had to send me back to public school because I refused to use the history textbook their program used. They completely ignored the atrocities committed against the Native Americans, they ignored the murder of protestants by Mary Queen of Scotts. Regardless of what religion the authors of these books are, their rewriting of history is deplorable and only serves to perpetuate the rifts between people of differing religious beliefs.


I’ve not seen the Seton material, but this sounds materially different than the Hamas propaganda. You are upset about omissions that arguably affect the overall story of history in that curriculum. The Hamas material sounds to be entirely fabricated.

I tend to agree with you that American history texts in general do a horrible job describing the bad treatment of natives by the colonials. Our texts suggest that the bad old Spanish only came to plunder, conquer and dominate while the English came in search of peace and religious liberty in a new world. This ignores the OBVIOUS evidence on the ground between South and North America where nearly everyone in the former continent has indigenous blood and almost nobody on the latter does. The “peaceful, liberty loving English settlers” committed gradual genocide, while the “brutal conquistadors” married locals and created a blended culture. Oops.

As for Catholic atrocities in England, Mary executed FAR fewer protestants than “Good Queen Bess” killed catholics (though I’ll grant that more of Mary’s victims were “noblemen.”). It’s not that either religion was essentially brutal in those days, it was that the PEOPLE were. (And we won’t even mention Cromwell). Brutality and killing was, sadly, a commonplace outcome in politics at the time.


Another lost generation of Gazans is being indoctrinated with a message that can lead only to discontent, conflict, and utter failure at every level for them.
In the meantime, Israeli children will continue to overachieve at a level that even the rest of the world cannot match.

The disparity between Israeli and Gazan will continue exponentially now. Moreover, completely dependent on the UN and the outside world to meet their needs, the reality of Gazans will be that of dogs under the table snapping at the scraps people through at them.

It is a recipe for resentment, and a soul-destroying dependency that is the lot of all people reduced to be forever wards of a welfare state.


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