To shave or not to shave...

While I’m aware that tonsures were no longer required since 1973 or so, I was wondering if before that time, did priest AND monks wear tonsures - around the 17th and 18th centuries? Or was it something that only monks wore?

All I know is that this is not the time to grow a full beard!!

Why not?

Sorry, in Australia we are right in the middle of a backlash against Muslims. Attacks on Mosques, schools etc. It is a terrible fracture of a usually peaceful, pluralist society. A full beard often differentiates a Muslim from “Us”. It is very sad. A Muslim was shot dead trying to behead a policeman. People are not impressed, but violence and ostracism is not the answer.

Yeah…I remember after 9/11, some great patriots shot dead a Sikh and a Greek Orthodox priest, IIRC.

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