To the Father through Jesus. To Jesus through Mary?

Ive seen this mentioned quite a few times, but was wondering where it ends?

To Mary through her mother. To Mary’s mother through her grandmother. To Mary’s grandmother through her great grandmother etc etc?

Is it ok to go through Jesus directly?

Always yes. This is what the New Testament says. It’s also what the ancient liturgy says; our prayers end per [Iesum] Christum dominum nostrum. It is a non-negotiable fundamental of the Faith that any baptised Christian has access to the Father in prayer and faith and service through Jesus Christ.

I go to Jesus the same way he came to us, through Mary.

Y’all can do whatever you want. That is what I do. Don’t knock it till you try it.


You can go to Jesus anyway - you can go to Him through His angels or His saints (like pray to Saint Michael or Saint Anthony to pray for you-to Him), but you best bet is to go to Jesus’ mother - (or you could even go through His foster father St Joseph). Remember all of them will direct you to Jesus, but you can always go to Him directly - there is nothing that stops you from doing so.

Still, i would always prefer to go through Our Lady. I feel like she would know how to perfect my prayer and make it presentable to Our Lord Jesus, something that im unsure of how to do sometimes(depending on my state of mind). She can also teach us to love Jesus as much as she did and be as willing to do the will of God - no matter what it is at little notice. All the saints have something to teach us- but Mary - being His mother she would know Him the most. So why not through Mary?

But i do think it ends there - you cant go through Mary’s mother to get to Mary to get to Jesus. That just doesn’t make any sense. Mary’s mother is also a saint (Saint Anne) and she will most likely just lead you straight to Jesus. But either way they are all just going to direct you to Jesus who will direct you to the Father.

Yes, of course you can. You are called to do so. I think some of the misunderstanding regarding the ‘co-mediation’ of the Saints is that its an either/or relationship with Jesus. What I mean is either we have a relationship with Jesus through His Saints or a direct relationship with Jesus outside anyone else. I dont think any genuine Christian can avoid the Saints before them. Consider the most ‘Jesus alone’ faithfull, they learn and receive the Written Word who is Jesus through the Saints who delivered the message of the Lord.

You see, it is the way our faith is fashioned! We are born into a family and body who prays for each other, encourages one another, work together and all serve the One Priest, One King, One Prophet, One mediator to our Father in heaven.

He gave us the Eucharist as a profound means for Communing with Himself. It is intended to be done so with all our heart, mind and soul… In loving obedience!!!


Why limit yourself? I pray to Mary, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the saints, and even God the father. You could also pray to angels, such as your guardian angel. It all gets to God at some point, and because God is perfect, he knows exactly what you prayed for even if the message got jumbled somewhere along the line. Maybe everyone in heaven is so perfect to never jumble the message, but it wouldn’t matter since God is perfect.

Grace comes to us through Mary. Why not pray for grace to the one through whom grace comes? It is the surest way.

The mother always softens the heart of the father. “Go easy on him” she says.


The spirituality of most Catholics includes at least some Marian devotion. Though I absolutely couldn’t recommend it more, Marian maximalism is not a required element of the Catholic faith. Don’t worry: if it doesn’t fit you, you don’t have to force it. :thumbsup:

Perhaps you are new to the fullness of the Catholic faith? If so, I can sympathize with how you feel. I was very skeptical of Marian devotion at first. But after easing into it, Our Lady worked her wonders, and I became a full-out Marian maximalist.

May the peace of Christ be with you,

Marian maximalism? Is that what it is called now?

Confidently placing all your cares and troubles in the hands of Mary used to be called good old fashioned Christianity. To Jesus through Mary - there was a time when no one would have questioned it. Is Mary still an integral part of our faith, given to us by God as part of his divine and perfect plan for our salvation?

I hope no one ever calls me a Marian maximalist.


1 Timothy 2:5
For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;

Jesus knows his mother. Does he know you?

“I never knew you” (Matthew 7:23)

If you don’t agree with that terminology, Tim, I apologize (though it’s certainly not a novelty, as it’s been around since at least the 19th century), but I hardly think that it merits a tongue-lashing.

My point was not to say that Mary is not an integral part of our Catholic faith (trust me: I’d be the last person to say sych a thing), only that Marian devotion can take some time to ease into, and the OP shouldn’t feel bad if he’s currently uncomfortable with the motto of ad Jesum per Mariam. People insisting that your Catholic faith is incomplete because you feel such a way is usually detrimental, not helpful.

He certainly does, or shoud, know me. Apparently he knew me before I was even created and knows how many hairs are on my head.

Why would the Father go harshly on a person and need Mary to tell Him otherwise?

The Father is Love and Goodness. Furthermore, it has been said that God never spurns a contrite soul.

What to make of it all?

Btw, nobody answered where the trail ends?

Do we need to go through Marys mother to get to Mary to get to Jesus to get to the Father? And the grandmother to get to the mother, and so on?

The term makes it sound as if it is extreme. It is not and that is my point.

Confidently placing all your cares into the hands of Mary who takes them to Jesus should be as natural to a Christian as swimming is to a fish. Mary is part of God’s plan. If God had a more perfect plan then he would have given it to us. Mary is part of God’s most perfect plan and we ignore God’s plan or pick and choose the parts that suit us at our own peril.

It is not a matter of feeling one way or another. It is a matter of accepting God’s plan as it was given to us.


Yes, I suppose it could be seen that way.

Confidently placing all your cares into the hands of Mary who takes them to Jesus should be as natural to a Christian as swimming is to a fish.

I couldn’t agree more. :slight_smile:

Mary is part of God’s plan. If God had a more perfect plan then he would have given it to us. Mary is part of God’s most perfect plan and we ignore God’s plan or pick and choose the parts that suit us at our own peril.

I am not suggesting that the OP “pick and choose” parts of God’s plan. I am saying to the OP, to use a metaphor, that if the water feels too cold right now, it’s fine: just stay in the pool and you’ll start to adjust. :thumbsup:

No, we don’t need to seek Mary through St Anne (her mother). Christ gave us His Mother to be our Advocate and way through which to seek Him. He didn’t do so with St Anne or anyone else.

That sounds downright reasonable. Reasonable posts by reasonable people are a rarity on CAF at times. :wink:


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