To the flat earthers...

  1. Why is the ‘face’ in the moon upsidedown/sideways in Australia compared with USA?

  2. Why is Orion’s Belt upsidedown in Australia compared with USA.

  3. Why, and this is a biggie, when I am in USA , walking North, my entire being thinks it is walking South? Thank the Lord for the humble Compass.

  4. Another Biggie, why , if I put a bucket of water on the North side of the Equator, and a bucket of water on the South side of the Equator,
    stir both simultaneously in a clockwise direction, one bucket of water will , of its own accord, start convecting anti clockwise? Bonus points for identifying which bucket does which.

  5. Cyclones and Hurricanes, again bonus points for identifying a few things about them. Why do they spin in the opposite direction depending on which side of that pesky Equator they are on?

  6. Are there really Satellites and Space stations orbiting Earth? Do they really send back images?

  7. Is the Hubble Space Telescope really rocketing through space, sending back images? 200 reasons Earth is not a spinning globe. More concise than the 6-month documentary. --------This one is six hours long; if you have patience and curiosity you may want to watch the whole thing.

History of attitudes as to the flat earth:

Remember that Eric has also come out with anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic theories. Not in the above videos, though. Take what you want from them.

there are many other videos from other folks but his is the most “thorough.”

I’m open to this, but not necessarily a believer. Michael Voris, BTW, invited a geocentric person into his show to discuss a documentary about it. If he is open to that, then maybe you should.

Look through them if you want. Answer all your questions. :thumbsup:

I pay for every byte uploaded or downloaded. Its not cheap.


Please answer those questions in your own words, simply.


Geez…all those questions would take me days to research…also I am HORRIBLE at explaining scientific terms. I was horrible as well in math, to be honest. English was my thing.

If you want answers, you can go to eric dubay’s website. Google it. Or just wait while I research this.

Or just research it yourself as well. I am not trying to convince anyone, anyway. Just trying to keep the Op of the other thread from being laughed out of existence. I am open to it, NOT a believer. Just do not believe in making fun of a person just because they believe in things than most don’t.

You couldn’t summarize the websites?? Have you not read them before posting them? :shrug:

Can’t believe that this topic is still up for debate in 2017.

Dear Roseeurekacross,

Are these questions addressed to “flat earthers” or to those who believe in Geocentrism?

The former, I believe, are mostly satirical (as in the “Flat Earth Society”). The latter are generally cranks who wish to demonstrate that they know better than others. I came across an article by a noted Geocentrist who dared to insinuate that dozens of Church Fathers were wrong in their exegesis of the Epistle to the Romans. What gives him the right to assume that he knows better than the Church Fathers? If that his the level of his knowledge, he is also probably wrong on scientific matters.

As King Solomon said: Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest you become like him.

Such people deserve to be ignored and prayed for, nothing more. :slight_smile:

Oh, thanks for that definition.
Not the satirists, the Geocentrists.

I am truly in awe of some of the beliefs kicking around. And wonder where science is failing in some areas, (curtly sidestepping evolution for this ) like shape of planetary bodies.

Being a good Catholic , trying hard to practice charity over Lent, I would never make fun of anyone’s beliefs. I am just trying to understand this ‘movement’.

No deep technical science words are required. Just simple stuff. The simplest shape to maintain, and the strongest , is a sphere. And an imperfect sphere at that.
Think of a chook egg, how hard is it to break at times.

Apologies if you think I was making fun. :innocent::earth_asia::rocket:

The simple explanation is usually right, when matter coalesces, it forms spheres. Celestial bodies above a certain mass are all spheres, its physics, not daydreaming.

Are there real “flat-earthers” on our forum? Hilarious… :confused::smiley: Here’s an interesting article about the spread of misinformation.

The shadow of the earth on the moon is round. :smiley:

Most compelling flat earth evidence is not in a simple article. Many of us watch videos, hours of videos on the subject. People have conducted their own tests, and show their results.

Why can you only ever see one face of the moon? Why is moonlight cooling? (the temperature in the moons light is measured colder than the moon shadow.)

Why are there no real pictures of earth from space? If you compare several years worth of pictures provided by NASA, the continents vary in size, there are copy and pasted clouds (you can prove this). You cannot see any “satellites”. The colors of land and water are different. All of these pictures are composites or CGI. Why no real pictures after all this time?

Why can the supposed curvature arguments be debunked every time?

Why do rockets seem to stop and level out at a certain point? Many are recorded leveling out and falling in the ocean, tests have been done, at a certain altitude everything stops like it has hit something, but nothing is there.

Why are astronauts from the same mission offering differing responses on whether or not they could see blinding light from stars in space? Some don’t even remember seeing any, others were able to see light ‘with their eyes closed’.

Why can astronauts be seen in videos wearing harnesses? Not to mention the other videos that show NASA fakery.

Why are we to suppose the world has no room left for exploration? Why is Antarctica FORBIDDEN for people to explore? Could they be hiding a bunch more land and resources?

These questions should compel anyone to find those answers, and there are answers out there. If you can’t accept the term flat earth, can you explore the idea that we have NEVER been shown a real picture of our world from space?

I have read many things on the flat earth belief, but I will say, if it is really true that the earth is flat ( or not the shape we have all been taught), what would the purpose of this deception be?

In other words, who does it benefit when majority of people believe one way versus the other?

Regarding Antarctica, there are quite a few theories on why there are some strange laws about flying above this point or even going near it, some have nothing to do with the shape of the earth.

Great food for thought in the questions and comments being posted.

2 things.
Australians fly to Antarctica daily in good weather. Its a tourist flight. Pretty awesome one too. And there are research stations there. If you want to work in Antarctica, you must get your appendix removed. Maybe wisdom teeth removed too. This is a great work destination for adventure loving Scientists and Medicos and lots of trades.

There is even religion.

My fav place is Arkarooka. This station was frequented by Douglas Mawson, a famous Antarctic Explorer. There are artifacts of Mawson’s time on the Antarctic at Arkaroola. All before NASA or Russia started heading through the atmosphere

This is pretty awesome. That infamous dive for Redbull

More adventurous Aussies…

Here is a link to tourist flights over Antarctica

I think it’s mainly control. As we already know a small elite few own most of the world’s wealth. These few want to control us and make us believe we’re not very important, just a speck in a vast universe. They need to confine us, what would happen to their influence around the world if we questioned their authority? Certain people choose what’s in our science and history books. We are not encouraged to make significant discoveries, everything has already been discovered, they say.

I think it’s definitely something to consider. The flat earth researchers seem to be booming. More common folk doing tests. I’ve watched many YouTube videos that really amazed me and opened eyes to the fact that this may really be something.

The conspiricy would be massive - even my own co-worker would have be in on it - I work with lots of Asian people who regularly fly out of Vancover to south east Asia. Unless they are knocking them out on the plane and flying them back the other way with out them knowing. There is one of these conspiritors standing infront of me now trying to tell me that it true they do fly from Vancover to Minila and they are awake the whole flight. Hmm who should I believe.

Honestly, I just think the internet gives them a platform now. There have always been conspiracy theorists. I could make a convincing Youtube video on how Motzart was really an alien if I put enough effort into it.

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