To the Husbands of Expectant Moms


You ARE right! :wink:

Pregnancy does cause memory loss.

Science has now confirmed what expectant moms already know: Carrying a baby makes them more forgetful.

A recent study by two Australian researchers has found that pregnant women do experience a slight loss of memory – and in many cases, the forgetfulness continues after birth.

The memory loss is subtle, and usually involves unfamiliar or demanding tasks, Dr. Julie Henry, one of the authors of the study, told CNN on Tuesday.

Full article here.

Now ladies, do not shoot me, I am just the messenger.


I won’t shoot ya… I always suffer from serious “pregnancy brain.” Most of the blood is busy elsewhere, ya know? :smiley:


Why would I shoot you?
Now I have PROOF to send to my husband! :smiley:

It’s not MY fault I have no memory… I believe it’s YOUR fault! :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks rpp! This is just the evidence I need. :thumbsup: I wouldn’t shoot ya :nope: … just a thank you.


Exactly my thoughts when reading this info! I think I was born forgetful, but I do have to say since I became pregnant, my memory has really gone on vacation! I will even make a grocery list and keep saying to myself before leaving the house, “You really need to remember to buy (say, coffee)” and then when I am unloading groceries, it dawns on me that I did not buy that one item I kept saying I HAD to buy! Very frustrating! Good thing for me, though, I married a very forgetful man! We are praying our child is blessed with a photographic memory because then we could use him as our personal walking memo pad or blackberry :wink:




So I have been pregnant all this time?:rotfl: I’m very forgetful. I wish I could claim this as my excuse!:blush: :smiley:


I wonder what impact this information might have in the workplace?


Not many chances for me to find out as there aren’t many women in my field but … for the first time ever I am working with a pregnant colleague, an explosive ordnance engineer/scientist in an interstate office.

She says she is definitely more forgetful, tired, etc but takes steps to compensate. I can’t see any productivity drop - she’s keeping up her normal output as far as I can tell.


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