To the LDS here---

Have you heard of a special session of General Conference being called for this month or some sort of the general church at large so that the GAs (or a GA) to address them?

Where did you hear that?

It was on another forum. It was all very vague, so it’s highly questionable.

Apparently there is some litigation going on and there are some concerns amongst the higher ups of when it goes public?

Again, all vague. No idea if it mountain or mole hill in size. :shrug:

I’ve heard nothing about an extra General Conference.

Now, we do hold regular stake conferences, often presided over by a GA. Sometimes there are area conferences involving multiple stakes. Apostles keep a pretty hefty travel schedule, and will often talk at special sessions wherever they happen to be. But those are local things, not churchwide.

Thanks Neuro, could be that was what was being referred to. :slight_smile:

Ive been out a long time so it was struck me as “new” :slight_smile:

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