To the right of most traditionalists?

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I’ve long since come to terms with what has often seemed to me the number one unmistakable fact of American Catholic rhetoric, at least in English:

If you want to call a spade a spade, learn a Romance language and then go ahead.

How wrong I was!

Barely half an hour ago, I accidently stumbled across a fiery individual with strong tratidional Catholic views on most anything you can imagine.

His name?

Rev. John Trigilio, Jr., Ph.D.

He seems to be most certainly an American Catholic priest in good standing with Rome, and a typical article showing his style is linked below.

This conservative Catholic author lets fly with both barrels, anytime, all the time!

See ya…


Wow. I really admire Fr. Trigilio.

Wow, hope he’s careful liberal NO types think they are entitled not to have it with one barrel. :D:D

Wow. This is a great article. It clearly defines one of the clearest truths of problems in the Church today - namely that problems are not due to the liturgy itself but rather the formation of priests over the last 50 years. Something has been wrong in the seminaries and, Thank God, it is now being fixed.

Interesting how Fr. Trigilio places such an emphasis on obedience to the Church. One wonders what his attitude is towards those who reject the Mass and flock instead to sacriligious masses by suspended priests.

Do you think a “gotcha” is going to dissolve the gay agenda like water on the wicked Witch?
They have no intention of abandoning what they AND their many bps. have worked so hard to build.
I would suggest Retreat but not Defeat.
They’ll be back when things cool down.

The best way to challenge someone’s credibility is to attack them publicly, and that’s what the media and others are doing to Michael Rose. I read that book recently, (Goodbye Good Men), and it was a real eye opener on how the seminaries have been corrupted over the years. There are enough people quoted and referenced in the book to make it believable.

The author does note that things are starting to improve, though, and the book names about ten seminaries in the US now that are “safe” for men who are seeking orthodoxy and tradition in their seminary years. Still, that’s a small number, but every one makes a bit of a difference.

Also the problem that secular culture offers a very attractive alternative to Catholicism. I suspect that, whatever the Church had done, congregations in Britain would have declined. I can’t speak with as much confidence about America.

Interesting how Fr. Trigilio places such an emphasis on obedience to the Church. One wonders what his attitude is towards those who reject the Mass and flock instead to sacriligious masses by suspended priests.

I’d be surprised if he isn’t very irritated by SSPX and the way they have muddied things. An excommunicated traditional movement is a nonsense, and everyone knows it.

Well some who frequent these forums would certainly have a hissy fit over this statement.
How many times do we hear, "Well, my priest said…"
or “In my diocese, we are allowed…”

I know quite a few Catholics outside of these forums who believe their priest is the final arbiter on all matters related to Church teaching, and I don’t think anything Fr. Trigilio has to say will make much of an impact on them.

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And especially nilmetsmom, in re: “Well, my priest said, etc…”

You’re right on target, nilmetsmom, and that attitude can, and often does, include – all too often - the Society of St. Pius X here in America, at least.

Don’t believe that perversity can only occur with the NO?

Humm … well … when was the last time any of us with any experience with the SSPX have heard something like this from one of the Society’s pulpits:

"Yes, my dear faithful, speaking for all the Society’s bishops as well as for myself as your pastor, I do most earnestly exhort you to take to heart the wisdom of our beloved founder-in-the-spirit, Pope St. Pius X himself, and read and study his favorite bedside book, as he himself called it.

"The Soul of the Apostolate, it’s called, by Dom Jean-Baptiste Chautard, o.c.s.o.

"In particular, my dear faithful, why not start with pages 214 to 220?

“That will help you get a better picture of how our beloved Founder-In-The-Spirit more than likely regarded us, his beloved sons, (a brief pause) and all you, too, of course!”

Now, listen friends, before anyone who is still so naive (and so sincere) as to believe that the Tridentine Latin Mass is somehow “white magic” and the priests saying it are already well on their way to some sort of blissful state of “pre-sanctification” and who is still so reckless as to read this material, beware!

Because I think it’s only fair to warn you: these passages from this book are literally shocking, in a sense beyond even Malachi Martin’s Windswept House.

**HINT: **

According to a controversial footnote on page 215

“God is more pleased with the barking of dogs, than with the prayer of such clerics.”

Ah, ha! **Which (or what clerics)? **

I respectfully submit, that by reading all these pages, each person can determine for herself (or himself) just how and when this opinion applies.

As for me, well, even as I write this, I have page 21 of the little blue book in front of me called: Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, where under the heading of **GOOD **READINGS, we find such entries as:

“All the books of Archbishop Lefebvre, etc.”:wink:

But, gosh!

Why not Pope St. Pius X’s “favorite bedside book?”:smiley:

As a simple matter of fact, yes!

In the Fall of 1984 we were entertaining a Society priest of French parentage, who not only knew of this book book, but recommended it with much enthusiasm.

Dom de Chautard he likewise knew by his French nick-name, something like** L’Abbe de Sept Fonts**, humm … or maybe it was** L’Abbe de Sept Ponts**, omigosh! “So long ago…”:rolleyes:

Enjoy this book!


Yup, we have all said that! :wink:

This would be the same Fr. Trigilio on EWTN? Most orthodox.

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