To the women here--have you ever done something drastic w/your hair?


I have relatively long hair, with layers. People like it, but it’s time for a change, I think. I like this look:

Do you think that is too drastic from a long layered look? (long–meaning shoulder length)

My husband will probably chime in when he sees this thread. He LOVES my long hair, but I have had shorter (more chic) looks before, and he has liked them. Something about long hair though, that he really likes on me.

Just would like to hear from some of you, if you have ever gone from long to shorter–and did you regret it?:o


What does your husband think? BTW your Inbox is filled again:blush:


Thumbs down. LOL:blush: But, I don’t like this long hair anymore; I go through phases.:shrug: He says it’s up to me, but I feel like I need something more sophisticated. I sometimes feel like I still look school-girlish with long hair, and in business, I dunno, it just bugs me. :blush:


For me “long hair” for a woman can vary. It could be shoulder length hair, or waistline length. I think that it should always be longer than a Man’s length as “Butch” haircuts for women don’t help. But that is my opinion.:shrug:


I don’t know, dying my hair is the most extreme thing I have tried. I have worn my hair long for so long, no way could I do something like in those photos. Last time I did have it more styled, with long layers and have been curling it instead of doing the long and straight thing. That’s about as bold as I think I’d be willing to go.


Thank you for your reply.:slight_smile: I’ve had my hair long for a LONG time, now. But, back in college days, I dyed it purple, and had it similiar to that cut above. (I worked pt at a hair salon and they were always experimenting) My husband, as a matter of fact, met me before I did that. I remember when he picked me up…hahaha and I got into the car, he was like…YOUR HAIR? What did you do to your pretty hair?:smiley: I can laugh now, but back then I was insulted. I kinda liked my punk look.:wink: But, I don’t think I’d go as cropped up in the back, but maybe a longer version of that.


I agree that I don’t like a ‘butch’ hair cut. That would not be me!!!:o


Purple hair eh. That had to be a sight to be seen!!


It was like an eggplant hue, and it was very chic in the early 90’s I’ll have you know.:smiley:


Back in my punk rock days, I got a “high and tight”. I had the regulation haircut for a male Marine! :stuck_out_tongue: Of course, I also had four earrings in each ear and a nose ring at the time too.


I can believe that:thumbsup:


:eek: Okay, I had no nose ring. You beat me! Those were my college days, when hubby and I (well my bf back then) went ‘clubbin.’ hahaha Also working at a pretty hip salon, they were always playing around with my hair. Sometimes I miss those days, because I was less worrisome, and more carefree.:o


I had a bowl cut in middle school and then I grew it out long. My hair grows really fast and I dye it twice every year, so every 6 months I chop about 6 inches off my hair and bangs and let them regrow about a month and then dye my hair and repeat the process 5 months later. Right now I’m just sticking to having a plain shoulder length cut with bangs, nothing special but it works and it’s easy to dye. I just cut my hair a few days ago, actually, so it’s at that point where it’s just a little shorter then i like (little bit shorter then shoulder length with my bangs to my eyebrows)


Here’s what my current hairdo looks like:

(I had a different image a minute ago, but this is more along the lines of if I don’t use the straightener, which is often, because I am lazy with it, plus it dries your hair if you use it too much)

I’m not blond, but just to give you an idea of the cut. My hair is about 2 inches shorter than this cut. I do like the look, but it takes a lot to get it straight (I’m sure it takes Reese Witherspoon some time too!!) It looks best pin straight. (with the straightening iron I do it)


That was the first color I tried after getting divorced, maybe that need to be a little bit rebellious. Now I have it dyed auburn which is more natural looking.

I still vote for keeping it long though…


That looks beautiful. Have you considered having it chemically straightened? My sister does that, and has a similar cut and I think it looks great.


Several years ago I had 9 inches chopped off. Shortly after that I had bright red highlights added (my hair is a dark coffee brown).

I saw a recent photo of Katie Holmes at an event and LOVED her haircut.
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I’m considering it. It might work. I remember watching her on “Dawson’s Creek” and thinking that her hair looked just like mine: same color, same slight waviness/frizziness. Only problem is the heavy bang. I haven’t had bangs since I was in high school. Not sure if I want to deal with them again. It also looks like I’d have to fuss with straightening it. But it’s really cute.


Yup that’s basically my cut too, whatevergirl,without the layers and, well a lot shorter now.


Back then I went to a concert with a guy I was dating at the time. I went in the pit. So did he. Both of us got pushed in the back and we hit each other in the face. He got a cut over his eyebrow that bled down his face. I was not so lucky. I did not get cut but got a black eye. I was living with my parents at the time. My dad thought I got into a bar fight when he saw me the next morning. This also happened two days before Christmas, so my whole family saw me with a black eye. They took pictures which are still around! :eek:


:eek: :eek: :eek: that’s IT!!! My hair is that exact color too…it would do that!!! Thank you for posting that pic! I’m excited can you tell??:smiley:

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