To those who have prayed for my cancer in the past or in the present or for my many other health issues, like recent recovery from surgery.

First, thank you.

Now, do you believe that my soul is lost or somehow deficent in something, say fruit of the spirit gal 5, more need for patience, self control, more time on my knees?

Did or are you praying for those spiritual needs you precieve too?

If not, why not? Don’t you agape me?

I am praying for the physical and spiritual needs together as I precieve them for all here that I am aware of, but even if I am wrong in my preception of those needs, be assured that the Holy Spirit ( Rom 8:26-28 ) and Jesus are also praying for you.

“we see in a glass darkly”…

I will add my prayer also. May you have a Refuah Shlemai, (a complete healing)

you have my prayers brother!:signofcross:

And mine - and I’ll ask for yours for me too pretty please :crossrc:

oh ill definantly pray for you.
God Bless

everyone is in my prayers,

at this time I am healing up from shoulder surgery.

I failed to get your given name and last name. When Jews pray for a specific nonJew we need to have their given name(s) and the father’s last name.

My prayer for you is not one of only healing…

My prayer for you is that the Lord give you everything you need which include - strength in your healing; patience in your recovery; faith in Him; comfort from all the angels, saints, and Holy Mother; love for all your caregivers; peace in acceptance in all which has been given to you; and healing of both physical and spirit.

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