To those who know they are called to the religious life: Could you help me?


Hello All!

I was wondering to those of you who know you are called to the relgious life, have you told others about your vocation?
I have many people ask me what I want to do with my life, and I know I have a call to the religious life, but I find myself hesitant to tell them. I’ve told a couple of people at work (one is Catholic, the other Anglican) and they have been happy for me, encouraging me, but I am still hesitant to let others know. It’s not like I can off handedly say that I have a vocation to the religious life. Part of me wants to gaurd this- I feel very vunerable when I tell others- yet at the same time, there is such a quite and unshakable certainty that this is what I am to do. I don’t want to lie to people when they ask, but at the same time, I don’t want everyone to know at this moment either.

Can you relate? Do you have any advice? Stories?

I’d appreicate your comments very much.



Hi Jade,

Well, first, If you don’t have one already, I would suggest trying to getting a spiritual advisor… This could be a Priest, a Nun, or Someone you trust who would be qualified to give you guidance and advice during this period of your Life.

As for telling others… I’m going through this right now as well and have yet to tell anyone so I can offer only little advice… Though if you feel strongly about it, I would see nothing wrong with telling someone you are considering a religious life… I say I am still looking at all my options… If they know me and ask if I religious life could be my future, I’ll say it is one possibly I am looking into.

In Christ,


I too need to get a spiritual director. I am feeeling like i might have a call more and more, but I feel afraid to disclose it. My friends arent catholic, my church-friends are not close enough to burden them with my dillemas (though i am working on strenthening those friendships), and i dont wnat to tell my mother or stepfather (dad is not catholic) because they might get too eager. Even when i relate spiritual experiences i have had, meaning for them to share the joy of the blessing i recieved, they are quick to inform me that i am definatly being called.

You people are great, but what i really need is some one who knows me personally. I know my pastor pretty well, but he is an extremly busy man and probably shoudl look after the dying faiths than the ones that are already reasonably vibrant. Plus he already has a few guys who are the over-confident-proabably-think-it-their-right types regarding their vocation who he seems to be uncomfortable around, and dont wnat to be like that. I dont judge them too harshly, but i have always thought that a vocation (any type) should be approached with shaking knees rather than a can-do attitude. I just want to discern for the right reasons and with the right inteniions, thats all.

Sorry if i ramble, i just need to express my thoughts.


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