To U: What does it mean

My friend, what does this passage mean to you::slight_smile:

“Make straight His path?”

Means alot to companies that manufacture road-construction equipment.:smiley:

Paths are straight unless there are obstacles.

So the verse is teaching to clear the obstacles from the way.

Blessed Advent and ICXC NIKA

I’ve heard that “road” preparations were done in anticipation of the arrival of ancient VIPs.

surely this verse is referring ultimately to spiritual preparaton to receive the Lord.

According to Matthew 3:3, the passage (from Isaiah 40) is about John the Baptist, or Elijah, who comes before Jesus and prepares the people to meet Jesus.

The preaching and baptizing that John the Baptist did was the “path-straightening” that prepared the people to meet Jesus and accept Him as the Messiah.

The passage is not talking about homosexuality, BTW.


Sublime. :smiley:


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