To was degree of sin would assisting in as gender altering operation be


I am a c s t a certified surgical technologist. I have recently been offered a job at a hospital in a small college town where I found out they have one of the only gender altering Physicians in the country. I’m worried to what degree I have responsibilities if I took the job knowing that I would be assigned these cases from time to time. Could it be morally unacceptable to provide for my family if I had to participate in gender altering…


You my need to discuss with a priest at your parish. Personally I would decline the offer. But at the same time That’s a very tough decision. You may need spiritual direction on this one, friend.


Yes. Don’t go down this path. You would be directly complicit in actions that go grossly against Church teaching and natural law.


Absolutely say no to the offer.


You are going to get a lot of conflicting advice from the members here.

Please contact the Catholic Bioethics Center. They will help you weight your moral obligations.


Look up the “Conscience Protection Laws” for your state.


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