To what extent should we go to protect the Eucharist?

Good afternoon.

I cannot help but to wonder just exactly, if one can ‘go too far’ to protect the holiness or even the well-being of the Eucharist. Of course if someone argues that Christ isn’t actually present in the bread and wine, I will use logical facts to maintain and upkeep the holiness of the Eucharist.

But, if you look at the physical danger that the Eucharist can be exposed to, there can be confusion in what our responsibility is. Take a Black Mass for example. I cannot fathom desecration of the Eucharist to an extent where it may be tossed on the ground, cursed at, spit on, and maybe even urinated on. Would we be justified in injuring or potentially even killing someone that is trying to steal the Eucharist in attempt to desecrate it/treat it disrespectfully?

Dear friend,

Certainly, we are to do what we can to protect the Eucharist from any form of desecration. But to kill another person who is desecrating the Eucharist is diametrically opposed to the Eucharist and who Jesus is! He didn’t strike out at those who persecuted Him. He conquered them with love. He told us to love our enemies. No one can do Him any harm; they can only harm themselves by such behavior. We are to pray for such persons.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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