To what lengths do I have to go return something borrow long ago?

Recently, I found a book I’d borrowed seven years ago in college. I feel it’s the morally right thing to do to try to return the book. However, I have no contact information for this person- I don’t even remember her last name. So I tried messaging a couple of aquaintances on Facebook who knew her back then as well. I haven’t gotten any responses from them- I don’t think they’ve seen my message. For one of the people I know a lititle bit better, I posted something on her wall saying I’d left her a message. Still, nothing.

So I’m wondering…how long do I need to continue to do this in order to have fulfilled what is morally right? Do I need to do more wall posts? Try to contact other people who might (but are less likely to) know her? I want to do the right thing, but I also have a little bit of social anxiety, and this whole thing has been kind of hard for me.

Until or if you hear back from the people you contacted, look to your signature line for guidance.

A reasonable attempt is all that is required. You might contact your college and see if they can help. Good luck!

OP, it sounds like you have done what you can. IF you hear back from one of your friends, and they have information, then you can move forward to return the book. Otherwise, you have done what you can do.

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