To what point does one commit adultry?

If a man sees and likes a women who is surrounded by many people and desires to know her, would it be morally wrong to chase her even though there may be a risk she is married. To what point is it wrong? Or isn’t it?:smiley:

First you must find out if she’s married. If so, leave her alone. It’s a sin to chase another man’s wife.:slight_smile:

Look for a wedding ring.

That’s a good start,

Perhaps a bit of consience check first. Why are you desiring her because she’s surrounded by many people? Why were she surrounded by many people? If she’s not surrounded by many people you wouldn’t attracted to her then?

It’s not a sin at all to “chase her”: at least long enough to find out if she is single or married. That is normal behavior if you are attracted to someone. I assume you are single yourself of course. If it turns out that you both are single then go for it! If she is single and also attracted to you, there could even be wedding bells in your future! If she’s married however, then sadly she’s off bounds to you.:thumbsup:

Look for a ring, then ask her.If married, leave her alone. If not feel free to politely ask her out. Even if married a woman should feel flattered by the attention.

At my age I still chase women.

The trouble is that I can’t remember what you do with them after you catch them…:o

hahaha you assumed correctly. Wedding bells are good. lol

Ha! Ha!

Actually, no. When married, a woman should not feel flattered by the attention from another man. It’s no different than when strange men wolf-whistle at a woman --not flattering, and no woman (married or otherwise) is obligated to feel flattered by attention from a man.

At least to me, “chase” has a different connotation than simply getting to know (on the basis of the other person being a human being first rather than a “hot” specimen of the opposite sex), and that can come across as creepy (even to someone who is single) and repugnant. It’s a good way to end up losing the chance for friendship or decent working relations with colleagues.

Stick with politely getting to know a person that your life crosses paths with. Normal conversation that doesn’t treat a woman as a commodity to be “chased” or “caught” is best.

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