To who should we pray?


I am confused about to who we should pray. I always pray to Jesus but recently I got the idea and read it somewhere that we should pray to God the Father through Jesus. Thank you for any comments.


we can pray to Jesus, to the Father, or to the Father through Jesus. Both are God :slight_smile: and the Holy Spirit.


…when JESUS walked this earth HE prayed to the FATHER…my impression is that we pray to FATHER in the name of JESUS…(and sometimes I invoke the intecession of my blessed Mother)


Don’t worry, Diana, God knows what is in your heart. :slight_smile: You can pray to the Father, or the Son, or the Holy Spirit, through our Mediator, Jesus Christ. And you can ask for the intercession of any of the Saints that the Church has declared for us, although you don’t have to (but it’s always better to, especially our Blessed Mother Mary ;)). And you don’t have to repeat all of that, just speak freely - God knows what is in your heart. God bless.


Well, ultimately, all of our prayers do get directed to the Father as long as we are true Christians, sometimes we ask for helpers along the way to pray with us to him in a nutshell, others being angels, saints, Mary and of course, each other, as we Catholics like to do. I pray to Jesus directly when I deal with some matters, The father in others, the Holy Spirit in others, they are all the same Creator the All Mighty, so it still gets to the source regardless, just kind of helps me address certain issues and prayers better. The trinity is more for us then the Lord needing to present himself in these three ways at once in my opinion.


**We always pray to God (Jesus is God!).

“Jesus Christ is true God and true man, in the unity of his divine person; for this reason he is the one and only mediator between God and men.” (CCC 480).

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


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