To work outside of home or not to?


Is there a church teaching/document that supports mother staying home with children even though Jobs are bing put into her lap to take?


The only thing that I can think of is that there is a verse(don’t remember where) that says that women are supposed to be keeper of the home. Yet, a woman could still be a keeper of the home and work outside the home. I’ve always looked at that verse to mean that a woman should put her family above her career.(but then again, men should do that too) I guess that doesn’t help much does it?:stuck_out_tongue:


lol, no deb doesn’t help much… but it matches you blogspot name :wink: :smiley:


Unless we’re talking faith and morals, the Church does not TELL us what to do.

Do you enjoy the type of work you are being offered? Would it help you become the woman God wants you to be? Would your home and children be well cared for while you are away? Can you family get along financially if you do not work?

The Church expects us to use prudential judgement in such cases.


There is no Catholic RULE about exactly what a mother should do. But there have been encyclicals written that talk about family life. Familiaris Consortio (The role of the family in the modern world) by Pope JPII is one. There is also one called “The dignity and vocation of women” which I haven’t read, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it talked about this issue at least partly. My guess is that you’re not going to find something specifically addressing your question. But reading these encyclicals and gaining an understanding of the the beautiful way the Church views motherhood and family life, will help you look at your own situations with a good perspective.


We each have all sorts of opportunities and choices dropped in our laps every day. The choices are sometimes clear–like between a clear good and a clear evil. Sometimes its more tricky–a choice between two or more good options. Assuming you’re not in crisis mode and NEED to take on a job to survive, you must prioritize your options. The key to this process will be to take an honest look at your own strengths AND limits in managing all the related demands on your time and energy.

If you have been offered a great opportunity to re-tool some professional/career goals and/or add some $ to the family and can do so without upending your commitments to your family/kids, it may be a wonderful and fulfilling thing to pursue. If, on the other hand, you are being asked to choose to commit to a job that will compromise your ability to carry out your obligations in a thorough, calm and sane manner~then this “opportunity” may really be more of a trap–better side-stepped for one that offers more balance or comes at a less-demanding time.


First there is no document. Do you have to work in order to provide shelter, food etc for the children? Or is it just a job that you’d like to do?


Proverbs 31 is a good place to begin.

What is best for your family in your circumstances today? What will best help you and your husband and children get to heaven?

Maybe find a good spiritual director?


Throughout history, women have always worked. It’s a myth that there was ever a golden age when women stayed home all the time. Even the Proverbs 31 woman was selling her goods in the marketplace and bringing money and goods in trade home to her family for their upkeep.


Thanks to all of you, my question has been answered!


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