TOB experts wjat would you have to say to this Facebook post about the normalizing of public nudity?


This was a wall post from a friend. And this is what she said to a video that I am unable to figure out how to attach from Facebook. Anyways, here is her comment. Thought it would make for good conversation. Plus I would like to respond. (She’s Catholic too)

“I honestly believe that if we stop sexualizing nudity and if people were able to see much MORE non-sexualized nudity in normal average people, we would not have the body image issues that we grapple with. The problem is that in America we only see sexualized and abnormally perfected to an unrealistic ideal nude bodies. That really distorts our views.”


Based on this, I tend to agree.


Wait a minute, where do Americans see unrealistic nude bodies? And where is nudity sexualized? She’s talking about porn, right? Her argument is for people to be more at home with nudity so people are not so aroused by it, or have a sad body image because of porn? In what capacity would we see more unsexualized nudity? At home? On the street? Billboards? Mabey grandma will show us how the human body reacts to gravity. :confused:


I agree to a point, but I do think that modesty is a virtue, so I wouldn’t want my FB news feed flooded with #whatrealwomenlooklikenaked #notashamed #nofilter :smiley:

To elaborate, the solution is not more nudity, but rather the removal of all sexualised nudity. This would reduce the sexualisation of men and women and have a knock-on effect of people not judging themselves by their looks only.

Really, the media won’t let it happen, as they have to sexualise an unrealistic body image in order to sell beauty products to insecure people.

I think her approach is to make everyone realise that most people don’t look like supermodels when they are naked. While it might help, I think what would happen is that ultimately people would accept the “normal” bodies in principle but still men would fantasise about the supermodel bodies and girls would still feel pressure to look a certain way.


Nothing’s changed. The Fashion Industry still dictates to the world. Every year.

This face.

These cosmetics.

This body shape.

These clothes.

This age group.

The data:

Public nudity will solve nothing.



The woman’s concept may be fine in theory but I think this has already been addressed in the very first book of the Bible (Genesis). :slight_smile:

It also seems nice in theory that we don’t have to lock our doors at night, and we don’t even need to secure our money.

The one little problem with all these nice theories is that humans have an age old problem - the tendency to sin and be selfish. Once you solve that then let’s revisit this topic. :smiley:


Sounds like a great idea. What could go wrong!?

Personally I think the post is just a clever way to get out of passing out candy at Halloween. And saving money by having to turn your porch light off by law on Oct. 31st.


America does put an abnormally high emphasis on exposed skin, to its own detriment. Euros seem much more at home with their exposed surfaces. Spent 3 summer deployments in the Med, so I’m speaking first hand. Doesn’t take long to learn not to stare!


Yeah, Europeans have such a reputation for being non sexual especially with nudity.


Body-image issues don’t merely come from seeing other people who have beautiful bodies and being jealous. They won’t be overcome if we see ugly bodies just to make ourselves feel better or more normal.

Moreover, I seem to have a fundamentally different perspective to your friend. My solution to things like body-image issues is deeper conversion to God. It’s not necessarily rooted in solely natural approaches (although there’s a time and a place for those, too).


Here’s the 2 min video


:rolleyes:Nakedness was, originally, not meant to be anything sexual. It really isn’t. It’s the fallen nature that has done that. And minds constantly in the gutter.


Yes, we’re after the fall, not before. Remember that when God confronted Adam and Eve after the fall, they had to hide. They used fig leaves, and later God made them clothes.

I am not aware of a single saint that has come out suggesting people get into nudity, but I know there are bunches and bunches which have talked at length on the virtue of modesty.

So no, I don’t think promoting nudity will help us. Rather than speculating, look to the saints, the Bible, good sources that promote morality rather than undermining it.

Nudity can lead to temptation, so it puts the person who is nude into sin and can put others into sin as well. Not worth the risk with our souls in this experiment.

In some cultures, nudity was normal, but not in ours.


Our Lady of Fatima said, “Woe to women lacking in modesty”.

Here are some quotes on modesty by saints and also from the Bible.


I remember reading one vision of someone of hell, can’t remember which saint it was, where there was this one woman there who was there due to the way she dressed. The way she dressed happened to be the fad of the day! Nonetheless, according to the account, the woman needed to spend all eternity in hell for it (because others had sinned as a direct result of the way she had dressed).


Name **ONE **saint who has ever extolled the virtues of nudity.


This is strange imo, on one hand, you right, in europe and other countries nudity is not that big a deal, they use it for mainstream advertising and no one seems to get upset over it, yet if any company aired nudity in a tv commercial in the US, lots of people would come down on them quickly for doing this, but at the same time, its the US that is glorifying and encouraging sex in many different ways. Hypocritical is the key word here I think.

Its common in the US for parents to shield their kids eyes from any kind of nudity too, its like they consider the naked human body to be nasty/ dirty, something needing to be covered up…this is the enemy at work and the people do not even recognize it.


Sounds good to me.

By treating the human body as a priori a sexual shame engine, we assure that the sight of the body will first and foremost excite sexual emotions of all kinds. Bodies just don’t work in that way.

The human nude is us the way God intended.



You **couldn’t **show the human nude in a commercial in the USA; the FCC would not allow it.

The human skin is seen here as first and foremost a shame surface.

And yet the people are not more virtuous, as provided clothes are on, sexual ** behavior** of all kinds is celebrated.

Hypocritical? Reality-challenged is more like it.



Does it mean in public or in private? Just wondered…

Love the words re gravity in old age.We call it “going south”

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