What’s your feeling about smokless (chewing) tobacco? Just wanted to get your input.

Thanks in advance.:slight_smile:

It’s gross–and it doesn’t look cool, which, with apologies to all the anti-smoking zealots, cigarettes do.

same as any other tobacco, only variance is the type of cancers most common in its users, this way you can lose your mouth, nose and throat before your lungs and pancreas. its users leave even dirtier more disgusting debris from their habit than smokers, other than that, non-users still have to suffer if they are around users.

To quote Carl Weathers as “Dillon” in the film Predator, when Jesse Ventura hawks on onto his foot:

“Nasty habit you got there”.

It wouldn’t be so bad if chewers swallowed the spilth.


Have to agree with that :smiley:

A lot of guys dip over here. If it helps to keep the genders separated, I’m all for it. Relationships over here always have some negative aspect.

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