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I recently came across an an ad for a magazine for “single Catholic living” called Tobias Magazine. I was wondering if anyone has come across this magazine. Is it true to the teachings of the Church, would anyone recommend it for Campus or Young Adult Ministry? Thanks!

I was trying to see if they still give them out for free, but I still don’t know if they do or how I would get 1 & I asked them on facebook.

Greetings everyone,

This is my first response to a post thought I’ve been reading them for a long time.

I found the latest issue of “Tobias Magazine” (Fall 2010 Edition) in the magazine/book rack at my parish. (Yes it was free) Its a magazine dealing with single Catholics. There are many articles dealing with a wide range of issues. This issue s had articles on whether getting an MBA is right for you, the special call for consecrated virginity and how to become your best self, among others.

While there does seem to be some biblical quotes and general thoughts on Catholic Doctrine, I can’t say that it completely follows all precepts of the Church. Its geared toward single Catholics (as I said) that are trying to discern thier path in life, whether it be married, religious or single. Its a magazine that I feel will be for those that may be church-goers but not weekly church-goers and will help them lead a more Catholic life, especially outside of the parish walls.

On the risk of breaking Forum Rules (as I said this is my first, hopefully of many, postings) there is a webiste for the magazine: www

I hope this helps. I found the magazine fairly enjoyable and interesting, in a light, easy reading sort of way.



Thanks Michael! I got a subscription to check it out myself. :slight_smile: I think as long as it isn’t teaching anything that contradicts the teachings of the Church it is fine.

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