tobit question

Is there a connection to the fish in tobit and jesus? They ate the flesh of the fish and used the rest to cure blindness and a women with a demon 2 healings jesus performed

The Haydock commentary says this:
Ver. 8. Its heart, &c. The liver, (v. 19.) God was pleased to give to these things a virtue against those proud spirits, to make them, who affected to be like the Most High, subject to such mean corporeal creatures, as instruments of his power. Ch. — God sometimes makes use of things as remedies which have, naturally, a different effect; as when Christ put clay on the eyes of the blind man. Jo. ix. The things which the angel ordered were salutary, by God’s appointment. W. — They could not act directly upon a spirit: but they might upon the person troubled by one, as Saul was relieved by music.*

My take on it, from this thread.

The qualities of the fish were described by an angel (Annunication), it emerged from the water (Baptism), “willingly” gave its life/its blood was shed for the salvation of others (Crucifixion), was consumed for its benefit, salted (Matthew 5:13 Salt of the earth) and carried on a journey for sustenance (Eucharist/Viaticum), healed of blindness (Bartimeus, etc.) allowing Tobias to thereby honor his father (John 17 discourse), whose smoke rose to heaven (Ascension), expelled a demon (Gospel exorcisms) permitting a fruitful marriage (Matthew 19:4). There are other symbols, but I am glad the question was asked, as this opens a new line of contemplation for me on my favorite OT book.

It can certainly be seen as a “figure” of the miracles that Christ would perform while on earth. A lot of the Old Testament works that way.

Oh, that’s good, thanks for posting it!

Here is Bede says in his commentary

(6:5) Then the angel of the Lord said to him, ‘Disembowel this fish and lay aside for yourself its heart, gall-bladder and liver.’ The Lord disemboweled the fish when he plainly revealed the devil’s wickedness to the saints and cut out the secrets, as it were, of his snares. He set aside for himself his heart because he wanted to point out to the saints, from Scripture, the devil’s cunning, about which it says, Now the serpent was more cunning than all the creatures of the earth. (Gen. 3:1) Of that heart Paul also said, For we are not ignorant of its designs. (2 Cor. 2:11) He set aside even his gall-bladder because, on account of his zeal for caution, he wanted it to be written and remembered with how much malicious frenzy the devil rages against humankind. He also set aside the liver because he deigned to show us through teachers of truth the seasoned male violence of Satan’s ruminations against us. For they say that the liver’s heat and secret strength boil down foods that have been swallowed so that they can be digested. For when by careful meditation we truly inquire about in which those things that we determine to do should be completed, we boil them down, just as we, using the liver’s heat, boil down foods taken into the stomach.

(6:6) Tobia roasted the fish’s flesh, and they took it with them on their way. The rest they salted, as much as they needed. The part of the fish that they took with them represents those who were transferred from being the devil’s members to Christ’s, that is, those who were converted from unbelief to faith. By contrast, the part that they threw out represents those who have heard God’s word yet would rather dwell among their deceiver’s dead and rotten members than return to the company of the Savior. He cooked the fish’s flesh in those whom he found to be fleshly-minded, but by the fire of his love he rendered them spiritual and strong. And so the Holy Spirit descended on the apostles in a vision of fire. The rest, it says, they salted. This pertains especially to the teachers to whom it is said, You are the salt of the earth. (Mt. 5:13) Now they (that is Tobia and the angel) salted because the same mediator between God and humans both humanly taught the apostles by his speech and divinity granted them the salt of wisdom in their hearts

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