Today I recieved a sign from my Patron Saint ~

Today I recieved a sign from my patron saint.

As an adult convert, I was never guided to choose a saint. So, I have for several years prayed to “the Saint who loves me”. Today, I KNOW for sure who that Saint is.

I am a lifelong equestrian. And I am childless by no fault of my own. I discovered a year or so ago that St. Anne, mother of Our Blessed Mother, was the patron saint of both equestrians and the childless. By faith, I started asking for her intercession, and praying to her. I have asked that the Lord sanctify my works with horses, and the people that I touch in the horse world, and for God’s blessing on my pursuits.

About 6 weeks ago, my beloved stallion Domingo suffered an injury that was going to require surgery and may have ended his future career. We have had many examinations of him, and two veterinarians determined that he would require a serious surgery. Yesterday, I loaded him in the trailer and hauled him to the vet to have his surgery today. I prayed over him again, as I have many times, for God’s will to be done, and for St. Anne to pray for us. When I got home, I found in our mailbox a beautiful medal of St. Anne that I had ordered weeks before. I immediatly put it on.

This morning, Domingo was to have his surgery. But about an hour ago my vet calls and tells me after doing pre-surgery exam that Domingo appears to be healed, will not require surgery, and can go home and resume his normal life!! I was estatic!

After I hung up the phone I happened to be walking by the den and heard the EWTN mass come on and the priest saying that today was the Feast of the Nativity of The Blessed Virgin Mary. (Of course, my dear St. Anne was a HUGE part of this event!)
My heart raced as I realized that YES… St. Anne is indeed my friend, and has shown me that she has adopted me as her daughter in Christ. I kissed the medal around my neck, and said Thank You Lord Jesus, Thank You Dear Saint.

This personal revelation has inspired me to be a better Christian, to be more holy, to pray more, and to reach out to my fellow equestrians with the love of Christ. I am so happy to finally know WHO my patron saint is, and that I have her as my spiritual guide.

Saint Anne, Pray for us.

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that is a beautiful story! :thumbsup:

Wow! What a fantastic story.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful story! Isn’t our God amazing? He knew we would need our brothers and sisters in Christ, both on earth and in heaven, to make it through this time on earth!

Wow!..tears fill my eyes, what a beautiful story!
I’m so happy for you and Domingo ( pretty name) but I so LOVE horses and this made my day!
Kisses and hugs to you both for finding your patron St. Anne:yup:

Ditto - coolness of story.

lovely story about my patron saint, I bet she had a little help from St Francis on this one, what a lovely name for your horse, named for the Lord’s day.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful and inspiring story. :blessyou:

Beautiful story, you and I share a patron Saint. I was also drawn to St. Anne because of her patronage of equestrians.

What an uplifting story - Thanks!!!

Makes me want to send a great big hug up to my dear St. Lucy!

A beautiful story, it brought tears to my eyes. But I’m just wondering, how did St. Ann come to be the patroness of equestrians?

[quote=ridesawhitehors]my beloved stallion Domingo

Thank you for sharing a beautiful story.

Is this the horse where you get your pin name?

[quote=Aurelia]A beautiful story, it brought tears to my eyes. But I’m just wondering, how did St. Ann come to be the patroness of equestrians?

Hi Aurelia ~
Thank you.
In my personal research to discover my patron saint I found several references to St. Anne as the patroness of equestrians, stable hands, horseman, riders, etc… For instance the catholic-forum site and others.
Beyond this it is harder to find where the tradition originated. The best I have found is that St. Anne was the chosen patroness of the Norman Knights of the High Middle Ages who did battle and participated in medieval equestrian games under the banner of her name.

I just love chivalry!

[quote=johnq]Thank you for sharing a beautiful story.

Is this the horse where you get your pin name?

Yes Johnq, it is. :slight_smile:
Domingo is slowing turning white as he ages but is technically grey.


When I have been able to, I name my horses after christian concepts or saints. It causes people to ask about the name and gives me a chance to witness. As someone mentioned Domingo is “Sunday” the Lord’s Day. I also have a little mare whose “show” name is “Lena Immaculata”… people always ask about it and I get to tell them about our Blessed Mother.
One horse I raised and trained I named “Pedro San” (St. Peter)… I sold him to a dear little girl that I consider my spiritual daughter. She is non-christian, not even baptized to my knowlege… but she knows why he is named that, and it is a great witness I believe. This is how I evangelize.
Horses are such a luxury in life, and I am sensitive to how people may view it as an excess. So I try very hard to live as simple as I can and keep them in the right perspective, and consecrate them for the Lord’s service. This is why my dear St. Anne is important in my life, to help me keep this perspective.

thanks for the wonderful testimony of faith…:slight_smile:

Your story is so wonderful and inspiring. It warmed my heart to hear such a connection between Catholicism and horses. I am an equestrian who has just taken up the sport once again and I would love to be greeted by a special Saint who watches over me, especially in the light of horses.

I hope you and domingo are doing wonderfully and that Saint Anne continues to watch over you.

Many blessings.

I am also a lifelong equestrian, and my two patron saints are St. Joan of Arc (another patron saint of equestrians) and St. Francis. Three years ago I had a freak accident where I was kicked in the chest by a horse. Somehow, I escaped major injury and only had a pair of bruised lungs, pleurisy, and a few cracked ribs to show for it. My doctor told me that if the horse had kicked me anywhere else other than square on my sternum, my ribcage would not have been able to sustain the force and he would have killed me… same as if he had kicked just a few inches up or down, left or right, or if he had a shoe on. It was nothing short of a miracle I survived, especially with minimal injuries, with those odds. In my heart, I know that my saints were with me that day. I know it in my soul. The only lasting scar I have from that wild experience is some arthritis in my sternum/ribcage, but the discomfort from that is a welcome reminder that I survived a typically unsurvivable accident with the help of some spiritual friends :slight_smile:


And sunnygt - amazing!

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