Today is our Holy Father's Diamond Jubilee of ordination to the priesthood-and his brother's anniversary as well!

This day marks 60 years since our Holy Father Benedict XVI was ordained to the Holy Priesthood, along with his brother Monsignor Georg Ratzinger. Wow-sixty years!

Many more years for both of them! :thumbsup: :slight_smile:

I remembered them in my Rosary this morning!

Today is also the 36th anniversary of my nephew to the priesthood. He was ordained on his parents’ wedding anniversary. He couldn’t have given them a better gift. A large number of family were present in Rome when he was ordained by Pope Paul VI. He has been a missionary in El Salvador for 28 of those years. Blessings to both for their long, faithful service to the Lord.

And happy anniversary to your nephew, too! How very cool that he was ordained on his parents’ wedding anniversary! :thumbsup:

Thank you. Just as his parents’ love grew for each other, so does my nephew’s love continue to grow for God.

Glory and praise to you, Lord!

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