Today my daughter is an Orphan!


…and it is one of the happiest days of my life.


My twenty-two month old daughter, a foster child up until today, is now officially an orphan. Today her birthmother had court to start termination of parental rights. All she had to do is show up and say she is contesting. Then, many months from now a court date would have been held. She has sworn to take her case to the surpreme court.

She did not show! She never appeared in court and they held the termination without her. All her rights have been terminated.

Backstory: she is a serial drug abuser, cannot identify the father (she has 6 candidates), she lives in a love-sex commune that was recently raided by the state (Church of Universal Love and Music - google it and chuckle).

Our daughter was born with a club foot, tested positve for cocaine and was two months premature. She had surgery the day she was born and weighed 3 1/2 pounds. The birthmother took herion for birth pains.

We expected months of court then adoption. Now, the birthmother has 30 days to appeal, but no ground (she did not show to her court date, they have little sympathy for that), then we get an adoption date.

So, she is officially an orphan, but she has always lived with us and knows no other daddy and mommy. She is our tenth child and we love her to pieces. We’re blessed to have her.

I am so happy I could explode.

My daughter is an orphan!!!


Knowing how many children need loving parents, I am rejoicing with you. My heart breaks for a dear girl who was sent back to a neglectful, cocaine abusing mother.
I am so happy that she is officially orphaned and you can begin the adoption process! Hurray that our Lord has blest you with the grace to be her MOMMY!
Thank you!


Actually, I am her daddy, but I appreciate the sentiments.

Oh, her birthmother is also a Wicca who loves to “travel on Astral planes”.


It tickles me even more to see a DADDY so excited! You go DAD! My prayers are with you. Hug that little one close, and keep her there.


I’m very happy for you and your family. :slight_smile:



I don’t know who is luckier - you or your baby girl! God bless you and your family.



My thought was “how can you type if you are dead?”. Lol.
On a more serious, congratulations and God bless! :smiley:


My thought was “how can you type if you are dead?”. Lol.

Heh heh, same here. I was completely thrown when I read that, I was like, “Say WHAT now!?”

But I to am happy for both you and your new daughter that she is now a permenant member of your family. Praise be to God!


That title definitely made me click and read.

Keep us updated - it sounds like a wonderful story. :slight_smile:


thanking the good Lord that there are people like you walking this earth. i hope the adoption process goes smoothly.

may your family be blessed forever!


Prayers of gratitude for you and your baby girl. Prayers of healing for her biological mother.


Congrats, we go tomorrow to finally sign papers at the attorney’s office to adopt our last 2 (I think) foster children. Both are boys, one has a nutso narcotics addicted Mom and we’ll never allow contact - she is out of state and won’t be back we hope, we’ve had him since age 3 wks. The other has a well meaning mentally ill Birth Mom who relinquished her rights knowing we were the better place for him to be for his life- he’s been with us since 4mo. old. We have a relationship with her and her immediate family so I can keep an eye on her new baby girl.

I know what you’ve gone thru as this is the 5th time we’ve done this - it makes it so you can breathe after many long months of holding your breath. These 2 make a dozen altogether for us, so DH says we’re done. We’ll see, I at least would like to continue to cfoster babies, but these 2 2 yr olds are kicking our old butts right now.


Aw, blessings to you and your family. :slight_smile:

And yes, many prayers to the biological mother.


Congratulations, Chosen!!! Your tenth child - what a beautiful family. My prayers will be with your family on this during this special time. God bless you all! :thumbsup:


Congratulations and God Bless you for taking this little girl in.


What a wonderful story. But PLEASE pray for her birth mother. I’m happry for you!!!


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