Today’s Reading: What Jesus said about soil

Good morning all,
I’ve always loved the parable of the sower. But it always left me with a question. Jesus didn’t add , at least in this parable, exactly HOW we can enrich our soil. I found myself caught between two of the bad soils and always long for that last rich one. I kept reading in the hopes He would tell me how!

Is it through prayer and Mass?

Thank you for your lovely thoughts on this. I love His beautiful parables.

God bless you. :heart::pray:t2:

They four cases represent what happened. The successful one is the one that understands the word. So the key is to establish a root by understanding the word and not let difficulties choke it. This requires understanding of the heart and mind and saying in the grace of the Holy Spirit.

  1. Does not understand the word so the evil one destroys it.
  2. Receives the word with joy but since they have no root, when in difficulty, quickly falls away.
  3. The worries of this life and the deceitfulness of wealth choke the word.
  4. Hears the word and understands it.
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Thank you! I have been meaning to read more scripture aside from the daily readings.

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