Today was my first TLM Mass too!

I know there is already another thread about someone else’s experience but it seems to have gone awry.

Well it was very different. I am hoping to go again but only after I have procured a Latin missal and have some clue what is going on!

I have a bit of an etiquette question- this was the first time I have had communion kneeling and at a rail (wasn’t really a rail just the from row of pews) and I’m not sure if I made a faux pas. I was last in the row, knelt closest to the aisle, and the priest distributed to everyone but ran out when he got to me. So everyone else got up and returned to their seat but me. There was only a few people left in line behind me, I wasn’t sure if I should have moved down to let them in. I just stayed and got up immediately after recieving in order to let the others kneel.

Just my luck, the first time I go I have a crisis! What would have been the appropriate action? I was trying to blend in but I’m sure I looked like a big NEWBIE! :ehh:

Not sure if I’ll be able to talk anyone into going with me again- but I’m sure after a few times I"ll be more comfortable :o

I take it that the priest went back to the Tabernacle for more Hosts? If so, you did it exactly as I would have, and have done at the rail. Good decision! Just like an old pro.

Don’t worry about looking like a newbie, we all were at one time. If that parish is like mine, we are always happy to see new people at Mass.

It takes a little time, but with a missal you will pick it up quicker that you believe right now. Anyway, welcome aboard.

Yes he did return to the Tabernacle briefly. Glad to hear staying put was okay! :slight_smile:

Dear Lil M,

In some ways I feel like we share a kind of birthday!

I am happy to hear that I was not the only one a little nervous. It appears that we both ‘did’ fine!!!

I also have not felt this “on fire” in a very long time. I hope that you feel the same light.

your brother in Jesus’ Most Sacred Heart,


ps. it’s ok that my thread went a little awry–we are all of us very human!!

Today was my second TLM, but you know what? I’m really not that “on fire” for it. No offence intended! The parish I usually attend celebrates a very reverent Novus Ordo Mass. We kneel for communion, we receive by intinction, we do not share the sign of peace except for Christmas day. The TLM in comparison to what I’m used to seems so closed off to participation. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like the “gift bearers”, the gratuitous use of the sign of peace, more Eucharistic Ministers than altar servers, and other participatory innovations of the new mass. But I really really enjoy the back and forth of the responsorial psalm, the intercessory prayers, many things that make me feel like I and my brothers and sisters and our priest are giving of ourselves to our Lord God, to each other, and for each other. And the readings… we read so much more of the Bible at a NO Mass! Not only more of them, but the readings are longer, aren’t they?

I will attend the TLM again, and again. No doubt it is beautiful. If only we could get people “on fire” for celebrating a reverent Novus Ordo Mass though… When done with the intent of praising and glorifying God it is really beautiful, in addition to imparting so much of the Word of God for us to carry away with us. Forgive my judgement, but what I see in so many of the modern innovative parishes tends to be self-glorification, a kind of fast-food approach to religion that is shallow and simply not suitable in my opinion for celebration of the sacrifice our Lord Jesus Christ made for us on the cross. I would so like to see people embrace the reverence of the TLM in the celebration of the NO!

There is one additional reading in the Pauline Rite. Thats all. No they are not longer, although with having different readers most of the time it sometimes seems that way Except for being on different days the readings are often the same .

As far as embracing the reverence of the Traditional Mass in the Pauline Rite, I doubt that will ever happen on a large scale. There are Pauline Rite Masses that are reverent, I’ve been to several over the years in different places, but overall, the Pauline Rite as it is commonly celebrated is geared more towards fostering a good communal atmosphere, as you pointed out, totally in line with the Christology from below model that it was designed for than in the overt personal submission to God that the Traditional Rite called for. You have to remember that the Traditional Rite emphasizes a Christology from above perspective which is entirely contrary to the Christology from below model. The two are not really compatable if celebrated as they were designed.

But today for instance, the 1st reading for the TLM was Romans 13:8-10, the Gospel was Matt 8:23-27. To compare, the 1st reading for the NO was Jer 1:4-5, 17-19, the responsorial Psalm was Ps 71:1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 15-17, the second reading was 1 Cor 12:31—13:13 or 13:4-13. The Gospel reading was Lk 4:21-30. That is a considerable difference in the volume of work covered in the NO as I experienced in the TLM.

I believe they were both designed to worship and glorify God. Not intending to be contrary (or hijack this thread! :wink: sorry!), I’d appreciate an elucidation as to how the NO is designed to be less reverent. I don’t mean to put words in your mouth though, if it was not specifically your intention to say that the NO is designed to be less reverent. As a “newbie” to the TLM, I just want to learn as much as I can. I am drawn to the TLM, but I am born of the NO!

It sounds like you did the right thing Lil not that I’m an expert :slight_smile:

congrats on your engagement btw :wink:

Keep at it Lil!

I think it was my 3 or 4th TLM when things really started to click for me. I almost told the celebrant after services at my first TLM to crank up his mike so we could hear him…almost. :o

Best, :tiphat:

Good to hear he needed more, rather than having too many! Alot of times, the priests appear upset at the small amount of people partaking, but it 's good to hear that there are churches where many receive :slight_smile: !

Prayers and petitions,

I agree. Not that I would say reverence is totally lacking in the NOs I attend but it was more overt in the TLM. Especially with the Eucharist. Thanks everyone for the comments and answers! :slight_smile:

We need to check our perception of “participation.” If you are praying the prayers of the Mass in faith and love, then you are participating. “Participation” does not mean that we must hear something audible from our lips.

Nevertheless, with regard to responses in the Mass, the Tridentine Mass can be responsive. This varies from parish to parish. More and more, our parish members are responding (FSSP - Tridentine indult). It is especially nice, when the responses are sung.

You left out some of the psalms from the Traditional and all of the prayers, but most people do so thats OK. Just because you don’t physically hear them, doesn’t mean they are not said. That is why the Church years ago advocated the use of a Missal so that the faithful could join in praying along with the Priest throughout the Mass.

After you’ve done that a few times I think you will see what I mean. One does not have to hear everything or pray in unison with everyone else in order for the prayers to be valid or the mass to be meaningful. . The Traditional Mass approaches things in a much more personal way than does the Pauline which is community oriented and designed for communal activity.

I’m not attacking the Pauline or defending the Traditional. I attend both, every week. I merely point out what just about everyone who regularly attends both knows. Thats all.

I really really appreciate your perspective, especially knowing you attend both weekly, what a blessing! I don’t feel you’re “attacking” the NO at all. I’ve only been to the TLM twice, and I’m disappointed that it’s been inaccessible to me. Not that I’m disappointed with the mass, or with myself, but just generally disappointed. I shouldn’t have had any expectations of what I would see and hear, but I did because the folks I hear speak of the TLM are just in love with it. When I was finally able to attend, I just didn’t get it. And if you don’t know what’s going on with the up - down, kneel for a few seconds, stand back up and sit down again sometimes makes me want to giggle. That’s just cuz I don’t know what’s going on at the moment, so I’m merely going through the motions. It’s almost hurtful that I can’t participate, I mean from the heart and mind participation. Mind you, I have a squirmy baby boy to contend with as well, so the distractions are terrible. I almost feel like I did not attend mass this week. That’s a very empty feeling.

I think I may start a new thread asking for a diologue on the differences between the TLM and the NO, just for a better understanding of all the changes. It seems that the TLM has different ways of being celebrated just as the NO does.

Gotta go feed my poor baby now though…

Ok, I’ll start:
Are those women in a Temple?
Is The “Real Presence” there for the 1st Time?
Are they wearing Veils??
Oh, my…TLMish I must say.
I love that song: “Little Things Mean a Lot”…by Kitty Kallen.
It should be the Theme Song of the Traditional Catholic

I understand exactly what you mean about participation. I can participate more in the NO simply because I know what is going on from moment to moment. I would very much like to know more of this FSSP - Tridentine indult to which you refer, it sounds lovely.

I attended a Coptic Orthodox service a few months ago, and the entire parish seemed to sing all the way through the mass. It was something else!

Are most of the Masses at a Traditional parish Low Masses, or do they still do Missa Cantatas or Dialogue Masses? These usually involve the congregation a bit more in the responses.

If you’re in the market for a Latin-English hand missal following the liturgies of the 1962 Missale Romanum, then check this one:

I found it linked from website – a pretty convenient site for summaries of Catholic news headlines.

I would love to own one of these missals someday, but right now they’re just too cost prohibitive. For anyone like me who can’t afford the real thing just yet, you can get a Latin-English Booklet Missal @ the COALITION ECCLESIA DEI website for $6.50. It helped me a good deal, and it’s full of other traditional prayers and practices as well as the full ordinary of the mass.

try the St Joseph’s 1953 Missal (reprinted by Bonaventure Press).

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